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Portuguese Cooperation awards scholarships to Angolan university students to study in Portugal

Camões, Institute of Cooperation and Language, will award nine scholarships to Angolan citizens to attend undergraduate courses in Portugal for the academic year 2020/2021.


The priority training areas are Agronomy, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine and Tourism and candidates cannot be more than 22 years old, with the minimum classification of access being 14 values in secondary education.

Applications must be submitted through the portal of the National Scholarship Management Institute (INAGBE) by 10 August 2020.

The admitted candidates will conduct an interview, by videoconference, on August 13th and 14th.

The requirements for the award of the scholarship, as well as the necessary documentation for application instruction, are available on the portal.

The Scholarship Program in Portugal granted to Angolan citizens includes a contingent of 21 undergraduate, three Master's and two PhD scholarships, totaling 26 scholarships

The planned vacancies result from the completion of the training of other students, non-filling of vacancies or dropouts.