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Angola estimates illicit transfers abroad of 70 billion dollars between 2000 and 2017

The Angolan justice system identified, two years ago, 24 billion dollars in processes under investigation into the recovery of assets, a sum that now amounts to 70 billion dollars, informed the National Asset Recovery Service.

: Lusa

"That was two years ago, since two years ago in the processes we have – seriously – more than 70 billion are already at the investigation level, that does not mean that it is the totality", said Eduarda Rodrigues, director of the National Asset Recovery Service (Senra).

The magistrate, who was speaking on the sidelines of the workshop on "Asset Forfeiture for Magistrates of Superior Courts", said that the African Union estimates that more than 50 billion dollars are illegally removed from Africa annually.

"There are data that refer, statistical studies that mention that, among us – some speak of 80 billion dollars – that were illegally withdrawn from 2000 to 2017, others speak of a hundred billion. more than one hundred billion that were illegally withdrawn", according to the magistrate.

"But there are also data from the United Nations that mention that of the flows that are illegally removed from legal systems, it is only possible to recover less than 1 percent, worldwide, so, I don't know, we continue to work, I don't know where we are going, but the asset recovery process is not an easy process", she warned.

According to Eduarda Rodrigues, on a case-by-case basis, the Angolan justice system is verifying, analyzing and making estimates with the data in its possession, reiterating that these values were withdrawn from financial flows in Angola, through transfers abroad.

"We are talking about crimes of embezzlement, money laundering, corruption. Money that was withdrawn through millionaire contracts, many of them extremely harmful to our country", she stressed.

The Portuguese ambassador to Angola, Francisco Alegre Duarte, also spoke at the opening session of the seminar, who considered the relationship between the two countries "remarkable", with the advantages of the same language and similar legal culture, "which has resulted in an exceptional proximity in terms of of training and research".

"On the other hand, cooperation between the various institutions of Portuguese and Angolan justice, an area of sovereignty that is always delicate, is at a level of proximity that clearly demonstrates the commitment of both countries to continue working on these matters. Angola knows that can always count on the active participation and commitment of Portugal", said the ambassador.

Regarding the cooperation with Portugal, Eduarda Rodrigues considered it "profitable, very good", that "in addition to the language that facilitates a lot, it has been a bridge and helped immensely in terms of connection with other countries in Europe". "Without a doubt, we can only thank you for the cooperation we have had with Portugal", she emphasized.

On her turn, the assistant head of cooperation of the European Union delegation in Angola, Isabel Emerson, said that the African country presented some positive results in the assessment of the Financial Action Group (Gafi), effect of implemented measures.

"However, and despite all the progress made, the report notes that Angola continues to have several weaknesses and shortcomings, some of particular relevance and which will need to be resolved as quickly as possible, otherwise it will be included in a gray list of countries that do not comply with the recommendations", highlighted Isabel Emerson, expressing the availability of the European Union to continue supporting Angola within the framework of a fruitful partnership.


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