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UNITA wants independent audit of the financial management of the Court of Auditors

The UNITA parliamentary group will propose to the National Assembly the vote on a Draft Resolution to carry out an independent audit on the financial management of the Court of Auditors.


In a press release, the parliamentary group of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) states that the vote on the project should take place in the plenary on the 21st of this month.

The UNITA Draft Resolution follows news, at the beginning of last June, regarding expenses attributed to the judge presiding at the Court of Auditors, noting that she allegedly spent four million dollars on furniture at the expense of the State.

For UNITA's parliamentary group, it is a matter "of public and urgent interest", whose proposed independent audit "does not prejudice or conflict with other investigative, precautionary or disciplinary measures within the sphere of competence of State jurisdictional bodies".

The note from the UNITA parliamentary group underlines that the Court of Auditors is, under the terms of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, the supreme body for overseeing the legality of public finances.

"The Court of Auditors takes care of the legality and good management of public finances, so any situations that indicate mismanagement and devaluation of its staff jeopardize its image as well as seriously affect the confidence of citizens in public institutions, especially those that should be icons of good governance, transparency, independence and credibility", the document says.

The parliamentary group of the largest opposition party recalls that, in February 2019, the presiding judge of the Court of Auditors defended, in Luanda, "better quality in audits and control of public accounts, in view of the dynamics of governance of the executive, which agenda for greater transparency in the management of public affairs and the fight against impunity".

"In terms of article 10 of the Organic Law of the Court of Auditors' Procedure, "the accounts of the Court of Auditors, including that of its vault, are subject to an independent audit designated by the National Assembly on the basis of a public tender", emphasizes if in the note.

In this sense, the UNITA parliamentary group understands that the National Assembly, the body that exercises the legislative power of the State, which is responsible, among others, for ensuring the proper execution of laws and exercising political oversight and control, "cannot remain indifferent to the crisis management of the Court of Auditors".

"The UNITA parliamentary group understands that an independent audit of the accounts of the Court of Auditors, including that of its vault, is a necessary and recommended measure with the purpose of determining the effectiveness, efficiency and integrity of the processes and internal control mechanisms of the Court of Auditors, as well as its coherence with the principles and values applicable to the Higher Control Institutions (ISC) and its alignment with the anti-corruption policy", the document states.

To the Attorney General's Office, the UNITA parliamentary group urges "that, alongside the initiatives of the National Assembly, it plays its role of defender of legality in an impartial, independent and technically rigorous manner".


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