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Tchizé dos Santos says she will not allow them to turn off the machines to her father

Tchizé dos Santos, daughter of the former president, said this Tuesday that “she will not allow them to turn off the machines” to José Eduardo dos Santos and accused the current chief executive, João Lourenço, of being politically managing the case.


In an audio posted on social media, in the form of a message "for those who are making preparations for the funeral of the president emeritus of the MPLA", Tchizé dos Santos says that José Eduardo dos Santos "is alive", with "all the functioning organs" and his state of health is stable.

She also accused doctor João Afonso, who has accompanied the former president for several years and with whom he entered a collision course, of "planting" information in the media to prepare public opinion for the death of the former president, who ruled Angola for 38 years, while "trying to convince the family" that they should allow doctors to turn off the machines.

"I, as a daughter, will never allow them to turn off the machines of a living father, whose heart is beating normally, a heart that is fine, has not had a heart attack, has not had a stroke", says the businesswoman and former MPLA deputy.

Tchizé dos Santos reinforces that she visited her father and that he, despite being hospitalized for four days, "is alive".

Addressing João Lourenço, who instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to travel to Barcelona to monitor the state of health of the former head of state, he advised the President to prepare his own funeral and warned that "no one will allow them to disconnect the machines".

She also accused João Lourenço of wanting to withdraw political dividends, "to appear big and put MPLA flags on top of the coffin" of José Eduardo dos Santos.

Someone "who is extremely disappointed with himself and with the MPLA, is extremely sad and would not campaign for you", continued Tchizé dos Santos, alluding to the general elections scheduled for 24 August.

"I would probably really want to see political alternation," she concluded.

The conflict between João Lourenço and some of his predecessor's children began almost after he took office, in September 2017, and worsened with the court cases against businesswoman Isabel dos Santos, still ongoing, and Filomeno dos Santos , already tried and convicted but awaiting appeal after being sentenced to a prison sentence in the context of the case that became known as "500 million".

For her part, Tchizé dos Santos left the country in 2019 for allegedly risking her life, was suspended from the central committee and ended up losing her mandate as a deputy on the bench of the ruling party, MPLA.

The two daughters of José Eduardo dos Santos have publicly expressed their differences with the regime, claiming to be victims of persecution and accusing the government of using justice selectively to target family members and others close to their predecessor.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs travels Wednesday morning to Barcelona to monitor the state of health of former President José Eduardo dos Santos, whose health situation has deteriorated in recent hours, an official source told Lusa.

José Eduardo dos Santos is hospitalized in a clinic in Barcelona and is in a coma after having suffered a fall and after having recovered from a covid-19 infection.

"The situation is being closely monitored by Angola at the highest level", added the same source.

The former president has been in intensive care for a few days at the Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in an induced coma.

Over the past few months he has been accompanied by some of his children. The 79-year-old former president has had health problems for several years and has been accompanied in Barcelona since 2006.

Eduardo dos Santos ruled Angola between 1979 and 2017, having been one of the longest-serving Presidents in the world and was regularly accused by international organizations of corruption and nepotism.

In 2017, he resigned from re-candidate and the current President, João Lourenço, succeeded him in office, having also been elected by the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), which has governed the country since independence from Portugal in 1975.


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