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Yanick Moreira removed from Afrobasket. Press speaks of disagreements, but player claims mental health

Yanick Moreira will not be present at Afrobasket. The press reports that the international post was removed from the national senior men's basketball pre-selection works due to disagreements with colleagues, however, the basketball player claims on social networks that he decided to stop to take care of his physical and mental health.


Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA) says that disagreements between the basketball player and his teammates, namely Teotónio and Glofate Buyamba, are at the root of Yanick Moreira's departure.

However, on his official Facebook, Yanick Moreira writes that he has decided to step away from the collective to take care of his physical and mental health. In his brief publication, the post leaves a general thanks and explains that the season was quite tough for him.

"To the Management, the players, the staff, the team, the fans, everyone! My many thanks for the opportunities and confidence, 20/21 was a very difficult season for me physically and mentally," the player writes.

Claiming that he has not had "time to stop and reflect" as well as "make a proper recovery," Yanick Moreira recognizes that this has not only affected him, but also everyone around him and, for this reason, has decided to stop to take care of his physical and mental health.

"Unfortunately I will have to retire from the collective. But I will continue here virtually sending positive energies and rooting for our national team to shine in Afrobasket," adds the player.