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Angola and Portugal sign visa facilitation and investment promotion agreements

Obtaining a short term visa and investing in Angola and Portugal is, as of this Friday, easier. The simplification of these processes was signed this Friday, between the two countries, with the signing of the National Visa Facilitation Protocol and the Reciprocal Investment Protection Agreement.

: Clemente dos Santos/Angop
Clemente dos Santos/Angop  

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Téte António, the visa facilitation protocol will help to simplify "the life" of those who wish to travel for work, study and health reasons, for a short period of time.

In his turn, the Portuguese counterpart, Augusto Santos Silva also shared the same vision: "This agreement is made with the authorization of the European Commission" and "facilitates the obtaining of visas namely for people who have to travel to Portugal for work reasons, for health reasons or for study reasons".

Cited by Angop, the Portuguese minister also spoke about the agreement concerning investment, considering that the document's objective is to facilitate the lives of businessmen and workers, boosting the "economic exchanges between Angola and Portugal.

"The Portuguese should contribute to the growth of wealth and employment in Angola and we have benefited from great investment from Angola, because that is the best way to develop economic relations," he indicated.

In addition to the two agreements mentioned above - which were signed by Téte António and his Portuguese counterpart, Augusto Santos Silva - an agreement was also initialed in the area of education, between the Ministry of Education and the Portuguese Institute for Cooperation and Language, called "Saber Mais".

The head of national diplomacy argued that the document will help provide quality knowledge to young people.

"This is the most important because it is the one that launches the new cooperation program between Portugal and Angola in the area of education, which will start from the next school year and is aimed at training trainers," said the minister.

The program will be developed in the provinces of Luanda and Bié, which were chosen by the Angolan government, and will last until 2025, with an expected investment of around 3.85 million euros, of which 3.1 million are guaranteed by Portuguese cooperation and 750,000 euros by the Angolan side, Santos Silva said.

Augusto Santos Silva said that this memorandum will last five years and is estimated to cost around four million euros.

He also indicated that this agreement intends to provide support to Angola in what concerns teacher training in the main areas (mathematics, Portuguese language, pre-school and special education needs).

Along with these three documents signed with Portugal, Angola also initialed on Friday a memorandum of understanding with Guinea-Bissau in the field of financial cooperation.