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New members of the Provincial Government of Luanda sworn in

Ana Paula de Carvalho, governor of Luanda, swore in the new members of the Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL). The ceremony took place this Monday in the Great Hall of the LPG.


According to a statement from the LPG, among the names of the inducted officials are Esmeralda Cazola Resende Simão, Director of the Governor's Office, Rui Leonel Baptista Ferreira, Legal Advisor, Gilberto Gerson Lameirão Alfredo, Advisor for Economic Affairs, and Mónica Quinganga Cardoso Peterson, Secretary of the Office.

According to the communiqué, the new members of the LPG "pledged to be faithful to the homeland, respect the laws, and perform with zeal and dedication the functions for which they were appointed."

The governor, meanwhile, asked the new inductees to be committed, dedicated and willing to work for the benefit of the province.

"I hope that you will be able to face these new challenges. I believe you are. You know that you have to work harder and harder. Many times you will have to forget about Saturday, Sunday and holidays, but we have to work, time is short and it is a non-renewable resource, so we all need to roll up our sleeves and work. I count on you in the new challenges and always continue to give your best", said Ana Paula de Carvalho.

Also present at the ceremony were the vice-governors and provincial directors.