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Filomeno Vieira Lopes elected leader of the Democratic Bloc

Filomeno Vieira Lopes was elected Saturday night as the president of the Democratic Bloc, campaign director Vítor Osvaldo told Lusa.

: Quintiliano dos Santos/Novo Jornal
Quintiliano dos Santos/Novo Jornal  

Filomeno Vieira Lopes - who ran with two other candidates, Américo Vaz and Luís Nascimento - replaces Justino Pinto de Andrade, who has led the Bloco since its foundation, and who will now hold the vice-presidency. Muata Sebastião, from the same candidacy, was elected secretary-general.

According to Vítor Osvaldo, 192 voters voted, of which 126 chose Filomeno Vieira Lopes. Américo Vaz obtained 41 votes and Luís Nascimento 23.

The Bloco Democrático, registered at the Constitutional Court since 20 October 2010, is one of the six political forces that make up the Convergência Ampla de Salvação de Angola - Coligação Eleitoral (CASA-CE), the third largest political force, with 16 seats in Parliament.

After the election, Filomeno Vieira Lopes said, quoted by Novo Jornal, that "the permanence in CASA-CE will be discussed by the militants in the next meetings".

Before the elections, Filomeno Vieira Lopes had told the same publication that the Bloco Democrático wants to contribute to strengthening an "opposition front" to the Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA, in power since 1975), in the 2022 elections.