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Life of Juliana Cafrique in film. Story of 'zungueira' killed by police officer released before the end of the year

The life of street vendor Juliana Cafrique, killed by a police officer in March 2019, will make it to movie screens. The life of the 'zungueira' will be told on film, with the production expected to be released before the end of the year.


The production has the signature of Henriques Narciso "Dito", who says he had this idea suddenly.

The director indicated that the filming is well underway, estimating that until September the film will be given as finished, aiming to make the production compete in the first edition of the Angolan film festival.

"I have a month and a few days for the production and finalization of the film," said the director, in an interview with Carga.

The film, which falls under the drama category, will focus for 40 minutes, on the life story of the 29-year-old 'zungueira'.

In declarations to Carga, Henriques Narciso "Dito" explained that the film was idealized by him, "presentation of the Unitel film festival", but his idea was not to direct the production. However, his production team insisted that he lead the project.

"They say I'm an icon of national cinema, so the quality and respect will be different. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking of co-directing with my son," he added.

About the message he wants to pass on to the public, the director informed that he intends to "revive the minds of Angolans" and show that "man makes mistakes".

For a matter of strategy, the names that are part of the cast will not be revealed for now, writes Carga.

Recall that in March 2019, Juliana Cafrique was shot dead by a police officer, who was sentenced last year to 16 years in prison.