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PRA-JA Servir Angola's Installation Commission says Constitutional Court justifications "are fallacious"

The Installation Commission of Abel Chivukuvuku's political project, PRA-JA Servir Angola, was taken "by surprise" by the decision of the plenary of the Constitutional Court, which dismissed the appeal filed by the political formation, considering the justifications "fallacious".

: Xavier Jaime, membro do gabinete técnico de apoio à Comissão Instaladora do PRA-JA Servir Angola
Xavier Jaime, membro do gabinete técnico de apoio à Comissão Instaladora do PRA-JA Servir Angola  

The plenary session of the Constitutional Court decided this Wednesday to dismiss the request for nullity of the order that rejected the registration of the Party of the Angolan Renaissance - Together for Angola - Servir Angola (PRA-JÁ - Ser Angola), a process that has been underway since November last year.

"The plenary of the Constitutional Court considered that this Installing Commission in the process of submitting documents for its registration submitted signatures, collected in 2019, which contain a mismatch between the signature put on the identity cards and signatures on the registration forms," explained the director of the Office of Political Parties of the Constitutional Court, Juvenis Paulo, in statements to the Public Television of Angola.

In statements to the Lusa agency, Xavier Jaime, member of the technical support office for the Installation Commission of PRA-JA Servir Angola, said they were not notified of the decision, either through lawyers or any other member of the future political formation.

"We are all being surprised by the decision and the form of disclosure," said Xavier Jaime, pointing out that the justifications presented do not pick up.

"I simply don't see what the arguments are that they could have come up with, not least because Article 16 of the Law on Political Parties is very clear as to why the Constitutional Court could make the political project like the PRA-JA impossible," he said.

On one of the justifications of the plenary of the court, of the "non-conformities between the signature put on the identity cards and the signatures on the registration forms", Xavier Jaime reiterated: "this is all fallacious".

"Even because we were careful to publish it, to photocopy it, we delivered it all, either in physical or electronic version to the court itself and we opened a page where we disclose it, that is, it is all invention", he stressed.

"The only thing I can say is that we are facing a situation that is even embarrassing, because one would expect the institutions to be at least a little serious, because to argue about it again is a total falsehood", he added.

Regarding the number of residence certificates, to support the validation of a minimum of 7500 signatures, the politician stressed that this is another long-standing issue: "we have also made it known that it is the municipal administrators who issue the residence certificates, it is not us who appoint the municipal administrators," he explained.

"The administrators sign, then they say it's no good, this is also another issue that, at the very least, should surprise us if we didn't know that behind all this, there are situations of another nature, which not necessarily jurisprudence, is political," he argued.

Asked what position to take now, Xavier Jaime said that they are "digesting this situation" to find solutions.

"If the appeal (to the plenary of the Constitutional Court) is the last one, there will be no possibility at all of us suppressing it, now as this does not necessarily constitute anyone's biological death, we are alive, we have physical and mental health, we will have to devise other ways, to overcome the situation and impose ourselves to these bad wills", he said.

Asked about the state of mind of the President of the Installation Commission, Abel Chivukuvuku said that he heard about the decision on television and was the one who informed him.

"He was the one who broadcast the news because he was following the TPA news. What state of mind will it be at a time like this? It's a total desolation, but this desolation simply stems from the fact that we believed in the institutions, in the honesty of the institutions, but in the end we've been wrong," he said.


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