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Authorities deactivate 266 hunter traps in Cangandala Park

The administration of the Cangandala National Park deactivated, in the first half of this year, 266 traps set up by poachers, said the person in charge of the reserve where the Giant Palanca Negra, an exclusive species of Angola, is located.


According to Victor Paca, the number of deactivated traps has been significantly reduced compared to the same period in 2019, however, the situation is worrying given the insistence of poachers.

In addition to the traps, stressed Victor Paca, quoted by Angop, the fires are also a concern, noting that, in the last few days, the park's 21 kilometers of extension suffered from the fire.

The official said that the inspectors, who will be reinforced in the coming days with 50 new staff, are closing the clandestine paths created by the hunters.

In the Cangandala National Park, initially an Integral Nature Reserve, created in 1963, in the province of Malanje, 90 Giant Black Sands are monitored by GPS system.