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PR: SADC's attention should be focused on investments in the energy and trade sectors

More investments in the energy sector of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), as well as the “mobilization of financial resources” to expand and build road infrastructure with a view to successful trade between countries in the region, were defended by the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, this Friday, in a meeting with officials from the SADC executive secretariat, as part of his visit to the SADC headquarters in Gaborone (Botswana).


On the occasion, he advocated that SADC Member States make more investments in the energy sector, with the aim of promoting the industrialization of that region, adding that they should maximize the region's high energy potential, through the mobilization of financing lines for the execution of projects to build hydroelectric, wind and photovoltaic dams and lines to transport energy manufactured in certain countries to others, writes Angop.

In the specific case of Angola, João Lourenço indicated that the country has been significantly increasing its energy supply, through the construction of power plants and photovoltaic parks, adding that it already has a significant surplus at its disposal that should be made available to the region, in order to contribute to alleviating the energy crisis that some countries in the community are dealing with.

Thus, he considered that an "important step" will be taken with regard to "regional integration" if countries mobilize financial funds to build energy transmission lines for the region.

"We will take an important step in terms of regional integration if our countries mobilize financial resources for the construction of electrical energy transmission lines for the region, via the Southern African grid distribution network", he stated, quoted by Angop.

In addition to mobilizing financial resources for the energy sector, João Lourenço also highlighted that attention should also turn to the "mobilization of financial resources" to expand and build road infrastructures, with a view to successful commercial exchanges.

"The mobilization of financial resources for the expansion and construction of road infrastructure must be at the center of attention, for the success of commercial exchanges between countries in the region", he stated, adding that facilitating inter-regional trade is essential for the development, and attention must be paid to simplifying processes that lead to the regular functioning of the trade zone, in order to come close to the indices defined in the regional integration protocol.

The acting president of SADC also said that it is necessary for the region to develop a plan to build solid infrastructures and expand and improve those that already exist, in order to allow countries to interconnect, the aim of which is to take advantage of the potential of each one, in an environment of complementarity and reciprocal benefits.

In his intervention he also did not forget the Lobito Corridor, having emphasized the relevance of this corridor for SADC, as it helps to revitalize and boost several projects that impact the regional economy.

João Lourenço also did not let the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) go unnoticed, saying that the conflict in that country has a direct impact on the progress and integration of the organization, whose main concern, in relation to peace and security, continues to be the current circumstances in that country, in which the conflict in eastern DRC has worsened.

On the occasion, he also mentioned the organization's commitment to sending a detachment of forces from the SADC brigade to help the DRC achieve stability and pacification in the region, writes Angop.

As for Mozambique, he said the current situation is more peaceful because of SADC forces having deployed in the country.

"The successes recorded so far would not have been possible if SADC had not had the support and dedication of each of the States and each of the soldiers deployed in these areas", he also said.

Among other aspects, he also praised the attitude of the SADC secretariat in complying with the organization's guidelines and implementing a firm gender equality policy, and also highlighted the organization's behavior in continually demonstrating a high degree of attention and vigilance to phenomena and occurrences occurring in the region, resulting in quick and efficient initiatives, actions and responses, as well as lamenting the deaths of former prime minister França Van-Dúnem and the vice-president of Malawi, having addressed condolences to that country, writes Angop.

Remember that João Lourenço is in Gaborone, where he visited the SADC headquarters, of which he assumed the rotating presidency in August last year, and unveiled the plaque that symbolizes his visit.


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