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PR: Neither Russia nor Ukraine will win the war

The president states that his country is against the invasion of Ukraine and considers that there will be no military victory of either party, so it is urgent to make conversations, "before it is late."

: Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters
Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters  

"Our position is very clear (...) we condemn the occupation, worse than that, the annexation of part of the Ukrainian territory for Russia, but to end it, we need to talk, because militarily no one will win, nor even Russia (...) will take Ukraine, nor will Ukraine take Moscow, "says João Lourenço.

According to the Angolan leader, a military manner, the "rearmament tendency of Ukraine, who is in the legitimate right to defend himself," will not necessarily lead to a military victory over Russia or vice versa.

"Before it's late, you need to sit at the conversation table," he says.

João Lourenço warns that if the sense of war is to make matters worse, it is not "utopian" the risk of nuclear confrontation: "And then it will not be between Russia and Ukraine, it will be among the great powers."

For the head of state, the initiative of these negotiations should fit the leaders of both countries, Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky, but the United States and China may encourage this action.

"I think and I have already argued that the United States of America and China, if they come to an understanding, (...), leaving Taiwan's question temporarily, and decide that in the next three or six months they will work together in favor from peace in Ukraine, I believe we will be much closer to reaching it", he says.

Despite "lamenting" this war, João Lourenço fears that other conflicts in the world, who also reap lives, destroy heritage and cause waves of refugees.

The head of state has also commented on the role of China in the world and in particular in his country, rejecting that there is a major Chinese investment in Angola, contrary to what happens in Europe and America.

"The largest Chinese company that settled camps here in Angola is Huawei, there is no more, moreover, it is micro and small companies from Chinese citizens, many of them who came employees of companies that were hired for the contracts and ended up and stayed and they do their business", he says.

According to the ruler, the entry of Chinese capital in Angola was following the failed donor conference scheduled for 2002 in Brussels and never held, although the country needs help to rebuild the country after the war.

"Who extended our hand at that time was China, which granted a line of financing for infrastructure recovery (...) and that Angola will have to pay, is already paying (...) and the values are not a few, "he reports, comparing economic relations: "Among those who lend money and those who invest, it is a very big difference".

Asked about the eventual fears of public from the United States, regarding the Chinese presence in Angola, Lourenço has ruled out, considering that his country "is open to everyone" and "there is room for everyone."

By way of example, the president cited the case of the lobitus corridor, which will be funded with US resources. The work competed for a Chinese consortium, but was another, European, formed by a Portuguese company, another Switzerland and a Belgian, who won.

"There is competition yes, but in Angola it is not that big, here is everything to do, no one can complain," he says.

João Lourenço emphasizes that Angola receives "many messages to be careful", but that these same messages, "from many points" and "competitors", are not able to explain the reasons for this warning.

"Therefore, it is not enough to say be careful with China (...) and the caricature is that those who come to tell us to be careful, receive Chinese private investment every day in their lands and come to tell us (... ) here, that we have no Chinese private investment. "

Referring to concrete in the case of Huawei, on which the Portuguese government came to Anacom the eventual possibility of applying restrictions on the use of that brand's equipment under 5G, Lourenço specified that if there are objective reasons to apply Sanctions to companies, Angola will have to "stop to think".

"But until this happens and if the competition they do is loyal and respect the legislation in force, we see nothing against Chinese investment," he concluded.


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