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The emigration of young Angolans, “an increasingly common phenomenon”

Jesus Quiuma

Student and researcher

It is impressive the constant rise in numbers of young Angolans who, in a significant way, emigrate in the hope of changing the “course of their lives”, from personal fulfillment, quality of life and professional success, which certainly makes perfect sense when you are young.


I bring a reflection on the current situation in the country about doubts, insecurities and uncertainties regarding the future of young people in Angola.

In any young people's conversation, I hear saying: on the one hand, I've already managed to get my passport sorted, now I'm going to get a visa and get out of the “band”, I'm going to try a better life abroad. On the other hand, I see young people complaining, saddened by reality and not knowing what to do, some fall into drugs and crime, because they no longer believe in the real possibility of having their dream come true.

The political situation, unemployment and poor conditions of access to health and education, in addition to the substantial rise in the prices of basic products, lead young people to discredit their dreams in Angola because it has become impossible for them to fulfill them. them, or perhaps, that it is not advantageous to follow them here. For this reason, young people prefer to emigrate to other countries in the world, where they can project themselves or have at least a standard of living compatible with the education they have acquired or dream of acquiring.

With these current political scenarios, and, above all, the worsening of the standard of living, it appears that Angola is very far from being a country that provides the minimum for human dignity. When we look at this situation, several questions arise in everyone's mind, certainly why they are concerned and want to see such problems resolved. Here are some questions that are obviously common among Angolans:

Certainly! There are several questions, but it seems important to mention these;

1. What are Angola's priorities?

2. Does this current picture of the country not call the attention of those who govern?

3. How will the implementation of the established economic programs be carried out, if day after day, there are young cadres leaving the country?

4. Is this what we call fixing what's wrong and improving what's good?

5. What awaits us in the coming years?

And how to solve these problems?

Why, sure! young people are willing to offer their share of contribution to society. On the other hand, they expect 2 things from the country, which can help Angola to stabilize the current situation.

a) Creating job opportunities with fair wages

The country is facing an unfavorable economic scenario, where the national minimum wage of “32 181.15 kz” based on Presidential Decree n.º 54/22, suffers loss of purchasing power on a daily basis. Making a basic calculation and without science, in view of the support of a family with 6 members, in a list composed of basic products such as: Beans, rice, meat, wheat, milk, potatoes, salt, sugar, pasta, oil, fish, chicken leg, bombó and corn meal, tomato and onion, with estimated amounts for monthly consumption, “in the informal market”, it is estimated that the minimum wage required for each month is estimated at 128,000.00. Therefore, the degree of coverage with the national minimum income is only 25%. The minimum income of 128,000.00 is an income that unfortunately is far from the reality of the Angolan population, judging by the numbers of scenarios in the country, the index linked to the lack of good quality jobs is high: the percentage of informal jobs remains high, and many are subsistence jobs.

The Government or policy makers are advised to consider the costs of food, health, housing, transport, other needs such as civil engagement (eg: studies, books, hobbies, documents, etc.) when thinking about the minimum wage. ). Only then will we have a minimum quality of life. For this, the Government, the political, social and economic forces need to agree on its urgency.

b) More investments in education and an end to corruption in public bodies.

Education is essential for the formation of citizens and transformation of society. She is responsible for the multiplication of knowledge and the development of useful skills for the individual's performance in their community.

The education sector in Angola has faced several challenges, the numbers referring to the number of students outside compulsory education are still worrying, one of the causes of the existence of children outside the education system is the lack of classrooms. that, of the classrooms that currently exist, not all offer the best conditions of comfort and safety, most of them being temporary rooms or even outdoors.

Therefore, initiatives and projects to improve the sector must be implemented, such as investments in the construction of public schools and the opening of public tenders in all sectors. The construction of more classrooms will not only help guarantee conditions to increase the number of places available in primary education, but will also help to improve the learning conditions of children.

Corruption is a transversal problem, which is present in all areas of life, being a phenomenon that prevents and disturbs economic growth and blocks the correct internal functioning. Without forgetting that the embezzled funds have enriched the countries outside.

There must be public tenders in all sectors, an environment of transparency, ethics, integrity, independent and impartial justice, based on the law, on the principles of common sense and good faith.

Ending this reflection, I believe that in the process of building a good country for all, policies must genuinely work in the interest of the citizens, it is advised that the President of the Republic adopt concrete policies and apply measures that solve the essential problems such as hunger, lack of housing, education, health, unemployment and corruption. And for that to happen, these policies must be deeper and more transformative.

I hope that the application of measures that solve the essential problems will be strengthened, for the reinforcement and renewal of confidence among the citizens.

Opinion of
Jesus Quiuma

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