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We slept and wake up with new gas prices

Janísio Salomão

Master of Business Administration, Business Consultant and Chartered Accountant

Yep! That's more or less how it happened, we slept one day and woke up another and we were all surprised by the change in the price of gasoline, as the corollary of the meeting held by the Council of Ministers. Not that the adoption of such a measure was new, as it is not the first time that the subject has been considered. It was expected that in the path of “communicating more and better” it would be informed about the program, implementation deadline and mitigation measures. Families, organizations and companies live on budgets, even the executive himself draws up his budget in each fiscal year, which contains forecasts of income and expenses.


The curious fact is that, after reading and re-reading the General State Budget (OGE) 2023, there is nothing in the forecast for changing prices, not even about how much the Executive would stop spending with the adoption of that measure, nor where they would be allocated such funds, being the governing document, in my weak understanding, this would be the correct procedure.

For example, in the pursuit of "communicating more and better", a deadline could be advanced for the implementation of the measure to adjust the price of fuel (gasoline), thus leaving families with calculators at hand to plan or re-plan their expenses. Another piece of data is with the adjustment in the price of gasoline from 160 to 300 kwanzas, how much does the Executive expect to save? Which sectors will benefit from such funds? What impact will it have on the life of the peaceful citizen who sees his salary dwindling?

Not that such a measure is not assertive, no! Spending on fuel subsidy cost 1.92 billion kwanzas in 2022, according to data released by the Ministry of Finance. Therefore, they were unbearable and there was a need to reverse the less good situation that Sonangol is going through due to the sale of fuel below the market price.

The Angolan thus sees his meager salary disappear every day due to a high cost of living, devaluation of the kwanza and now the rise in gasoline.

One thing is for sure, the mitigation measures implemented by the executive will not be enough to stop the rise in prices that we will experience shortly, due to the informality of the Angolan economy.

One thing must be done, pick up the calculator and start doing math for the current scenario and its consequences. For every action there is a reaction, according to Newton's postulate; the market will react and the market is not regulated with decrees.

We slept, we wake up, everything has changed!


Opinion of
Janísio Salomão

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