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Adalberto Costa Júnior head of UNITA's list. Abel Chivukuvuku is number two

This Tuesday, UNITA submitted to the Constitutional Court its candidacy for the August general elections, with Adalberto Costa Júnior as head of the list and candidate for President of the Republic, and Abel Chivukuvuku for vice president.


Speaking to the press, the secretary-general of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Álvaro Daniel, said that the documents required by law were presented both for candidates for President and Vice-President of the Republic, as well as for deputies. to the National Assembly, from a list of 130 members and 45 substitutes.

"This is a candidacy of victory, of inclusion, in it we reflect the gathered will of the Angolans to operate change, alternation", said Álvaro Daniel.

The party's secretary general stressed that the candidacy presented, with a total of 21,675 signatures, represents "a generational transition within the party", with the absence of "important party figures".

"Important figures in the party preferred to voluntarily leave their space for new generations, allowing them to gain experience and, above all, allowing young cadres with technical and professional competence to enter parliament in order to increase the quality of parliamentary debate", he underlined.

The submission of UNITA's candidacy for the elections on 24 August to the Constitutional Court was marked by a protest by a few dozen people, allegedly party militants, who expressed their discontent with the list of candidates submitted to the general elections.

The group, which demonstrated in front of the premises of the Constitutional Court, held posters in which they called for respect for the "Sacrifice of Known and Anonymous Heroes of the UNITA Cause", and rejected the name of the coordinator of the political project PRA-JA Servir Angola, former UNITA leader and vice-presidential candidate: "Abel Chivukuvuvku and his followers on the UNITA No List!".

"Don't Make UNITA the Means to Save the Lazy", "The Party is not the property of the ACJ to Do and Undo, the Party is the Property of the Angolans. All Angolans Inspired by Dr. Savimbi's Thought", were some of the phrases in the posters held by the protesters.

On this fact, Álvaro Daniel considered it normal that in a State of law, people manifest themselves. "We, in fact, saw some citizens there, many of whom are not even UNITA militants, although they do not represent a thousandth part of the universe of party militants, so we are not concerned with giving them the freedom to demonstrate. ", he stressed.

According to the party's secretary general, the list presented, in addition to marking a generational transition, marks the inclusion, for which "various political sensitivities" are included.

"Whether they are from other political forces, some legal, others in the form of a project, as you can also see sensibilities of civil society, without party color. Don't be surprised if you find someone on this list who has sympathy with the MPLA, because our list is even inclusion", he stressed.

Álvaro Daniel confirmed the names of Abel Chivukuvuku and businessman Francisco Viana, a former MPLA militant, recently removed from the list of candidates for the National Assembly.

"They are part of a strategy of our party and the protesters who would like to see them out are free to think, but UNITA is also free to outline its strategy and implement it", said the politician, stressing that the party intends to "to make a new Angola, Angola for all".

"We are demonstrating this with our list and, if these people give confidence to UNITA, we will demonstrate it in the way of governing. We will govern with everyone without exception and our list is exactly the demonstration of what we will do if this people to give the UNITA list the opportunity to win the upcoming elections and form a government", he stressed.


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