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UNITA says that the “corruption” scheme in the Presidency reveals the PR's “weakness of the security system”

UNITA considered this Wednesday that the "corruption scheme" involving Major Pedro Lussati, linked to the Presidency of the Republic, configures the "weakness of the security system" of João Lourenço and the "Angolan state in general".


For Álvaro Chicuamanga, secretary general of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), the "Lussati case" demonstrates the "level of seriousness" that the problem of corruption in Angola has reached."

"Because it is not normal for an officer in that rank, or even a general, to have so much money that it can even exceed the budget of many states," said Álvaro Chicuamanga, in statements to Lusa.

"Our impression is that the problem is serious", but, he stressed, "it is difficult to understand that only one major has collected all that money for his suitcases and cars, it is a process that is being investigated".

"Let the justice do its work and bring to the public the real conclusion of the situation whether it is he who deviated or is he just a front man for the personalities that are behind this scandal", he noted.

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) announced last week the arrest of Major Pedro Lussati, linked to the Security House of the President of the Angolan Republic, found in possession of millions of dollars, kwanzas and euros stored in suitcases and crates.

Various movable and immovable property of the military officer indicted for the crimes of embezzlement, withholding money and criminal association were also seized.

More than 10 general officers, including the minister of State and Head of the Security House of the Angolan President, Pedro Sebastião, have already been exonerated by João Lourenço following this case, whose case is still under investigation by the PGR.

General Francisco Pereira Furtado, former Chief of the General Staff of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), is the new minister of State and Head of the President's House of Security, who took office on Tuesday.

This Tuesday, Álvaro Chicuamanga defined as a "positive sign" the dismissals of top military leaders "so that they can respond in court" for "assuming their involvement", he stressed, "in this scandal".

But, on the other hand, he underlined, "this (the Lussati case) reveals the fragility not only of the security system of the President of the Republic, of the State in general, but also the fragility with the process of combating corruption that is being taken" .

The UNITA politician also considered that the appointment of General Francisco Pereira Furtado as "a way of looking at the problem", accusing, however, of "having a negative fuse in his curriculum so far not clarified by the PGR".

The political group in the opposition wants the problem of corruption in Angola "should not only involve the MPLA, the ruling party, and its government, but other personalities, above all from civil society, unharmed from any of these scandals".

"We continue to appeal that the fight against corruption is a serious matter, it is of national interest, but the President of the Republic should look at it more carefully, involving other personalities and should not look at this as a problem only for the Government and there are no socks here measures to fight corruption," pointed out the politician.

On the matter, the information secretary of the political bureau of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, Rui Falcão, said that "the fight against corruption continues at all levels."

"It is only possible to make these and other facts public, because the fight against corruption is effective and serious. Were it not for that, these cases would never be known. Correcting what is wrong is not a path of ease", wrote Rui Falcão, in note sent on Tuesday to Lusa.

Asked about the MPLA's reaction, Álvaro Chicuamanga considered it "a propagandistic version of the matter", noting that "the problem is much more serious than the MPLA is trying to bring to the public".

"There has been an accusation long ago by the director of the President's office, Edeltrudes Costa, and, until now, there is no answer about it, now another scandal surrounding the President of the Republic, so the thing is so serious", concluded Álvaro Chicuamanga.