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Government clarifies that flights are suspended “indefinitely”

The Ministry of Transport (MINTRANS) clarified that all scheduled commercial flights to and from Angola remain “indefinitely suspended”, only special flights “for humanitarian aid and other reasonable reasons” being allowed.


In a joint executive decree dated 12 June, the Government admitted to reopening airspace to international flights from 30 June, but retreated in the face of public calamity and maintenance of the national health fence and in the provinces of Luanda and Cuanza Norte .

On Thursday, the day when the highest number of positive cases of covid-19 (15) was announced in Angola since the beginning of the pandemic, increasing the number of infected people to 212 - currently already at 267 - the executive also revealed which would extend the fence in the province of Luanda until 10 July.

In a statement, MINTRANS stresses that mobility measures "may be adjusted according to national epidemiological developments, defense needs and health control of national borders" and clarifies some aspects of travel.

Humanitarian and special flights, organized by a particular State or international humanitarian organization and authorized by the competent entities, are intended for the return of national and foreign citizens residing in Angola, repatriation of foreign and non-resident citizens to their respective countries and humanitarian aid, as well as such as official journeys, incoming and outgoing cargo and postal orders, medical emergencies, incoming and outgoing diplomatic and consular personnel and “foreign specialists to carry out specific tasks”.

Passengers traveling to Angola will have to perform a molecular-based test RT-PCR SARS-cov-2, up to eight days before the date of travel, a test that will only be necessary for those who left Angola if required in the destination country.

All passengers returning from abroad are subject to mandatory institutional quarantine for a period of 14 days, in a public center, and may also choose to stay in hotels previously approved by the national health authority, in this case assuming expenses.

The quarantine period can be reduced to seven days, if the passenger takes the test in a private service certified by the Ministry of Health (MINSA).

Diplomatic and consular staff can perform home quarantine.

Travel by workers in the oil and mining sectors is governed by a special regime, with a minimum advance notice of 72 hours being maintained with the competent authorities.

“The opening of commercial flights to and from the national territory, is dependent on the national epidemiological evolution, and for that purpose it deserves the approval of the national Sanitary authority, as well as specific rules to be defined by the national civil aviation authority, within the scope of the air agreements. established ”, concludes the communiqué.