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Only a third of angolans have piped water at home

Hygiene measures are a priority in the fight against covid-19, but in Angola only three out of 10 citizens have running water in their homes, while half do not have access to the public grid, an inquiry revealed this Friday.


Conducted by Afrobarometer, a pan-African, non-partisan research network that provides quantitative data on Africans' experience and assessment of democracy, governance and quality of life, the survey indicated that difficulties in accessing piped water are worrying many Angolans because of the covid-19 pandemic.

According to the study, only three out of 10 Angolans have piped water inside their homes or in their backyard, while four out of 10 Angolans need to leave their homes to access a bathroom or latrine.

Afrobarometer's first survey in our country also noted that about half of Angolans do not have access to the public electricity grid.

The study's main findings also indicate that 13 percent of Angolans obtain water for domestic consumption from a fountain or well with a pipe or crank.

"Urban residents are four times more likely to enjoy piped water inside their homes or backyards than rural residents," reads the text accompanying the survey's main findings.

Another finding is that in Luanda, less than half (44 percent) of residents have piped water inside their homes or backyards.

The situation is more critical in the East (21 per cent), North (17 per cent) and Centre North (16 per cent).

Research indicates that 34 percent of Angolans were without enough drinking water for domestic use "often" or "always" in 2018 and 35 percent "only once or twice" or "sometimes".

Only 29 per cent of Angolans enjoyed a regular supply of piped water.

For their part, six out of 10 Angolans (59 percent) said they had a bathroom or latrine inside their homes or in the backyard, while 20 percent had access outside the backyard or housing complex and another 20 percent had no bathroom or latrine.

The same study found that about four out of every 10 Angolans (44 percent) live in residences without connection to the public electricity grid, and "residents of Luanda have more than twice the chance of having a public electricity connection in their residences, compared to residents in the East (37 percent), South (38 percent) and Centre (38 percent) regions.

For this survey, the Afrobarometer team, led by Ovilongwa - Estudos de Opinião Pública, interviewed 2400 adult Angolans between 27 November and 27 December 2019.

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