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When will Angola try to attract young people to agriculture?

Vicente Kimbamba

Agronomist graduated from the University of International Integration of Afro-Brazilian Lusofonia. Scientific researcher, agronomist consultant and member of APROFAGRO

According to Jornal de Angola (2019), Josefa Sacko, says that African youth has not shown interest in working in the agricultural sector. In the Angolan context, agriculture is an unknown sector for most young people. Few people see the possibilities for prosperity in this sector. As an Angolan and an agronomy student, I am dismayed by such a phenomenon, as I understand how important youth work is for the modernization of agriculture and the strengthening of family farming.


Angola has the aptitude to develop agriculture because, in addition to having arable land, it has the advantage of being in two regions (central and southern Africa). However, the
dependence on oil has so far been the main enemy of agriculture as stated by Pacheco, founder of ADRA, as there is some resistance from the government in
diversify the economy. In the presidential speeches, the question of the diversification of the country's economy and the importance of agriculture has been recurrent. However, in practice, government actions still leave much to be desired.

Most programs focused on agriculture do not reach half of the proposed objectives, there are few agrarian institutions in the country and the government has invested insignificant resources in the General State Budget (OGE) for the agricultural sector.

It is essential that the State create programs with the objective of improving and developing the agricultural sector and that can encourage youth society to have an interest in

Meanwhile, traditional knowledge regarding cultivation techniques passed down from generation to generation by our ancestors is gradually being lost. Most young people are limited to joining this type of work and many older producers are no longer physically and emotionally healthy to continue the practice.

When will the Angolan government really diversify the country's economy and invest in agriculture? How can the state attract young people to the sector? Is Angolan society aware of the importance of this theme?

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Vicente Kimbamba

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