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Country expects to harvest five thousand tons of coffee this year

The country expects to harvest about five thousand tons of coffee this year. According to the director general of the National Coffee Institute (INCA), Bonifacio Francisco, on Saturday the 2019/2020 national campaign for the harvest of this product began.


According to the institute's accounts, coffee production in the country this year is estimated to exceed the 4200 tonnes produced in the previous marketing year.

Bonifacio Francisco, who was speaking during the campaign's opening ceremony, cited by Angop, explained that this year 25,000 producers from nine provinces of the country - Kwanza Norte, Uige, Kwanza Sul, Benguela, Bengo, Bié, Cabinda, Huambo and Huila - are participating. He also said that Angola has 52,000 hectares of land cultivated with coffee.

In addition, Bonifácio Francisco made it known that this year three companies have already managed to export 1169 tons of coffee, considering this number quite positive because it is boosting coffee production and is considered a motivating factor for other companies to focus on exporting this product.

He also said that it was estimated that this year more than half of the cake in the sector's production would be made in Kwanza Sul province. It is estimated that three thousand tons of coffee will be harvested in this province, stressing that 18 thousand hectares of land are exploited here, involving 6874 producers and 272 companies.

To boost coffee production in the region, on May 30th INCA delivered eight drying trays with a capacity of 600 kilos each, with the aim of improving the quality of coffee. In this action 500 families were benefited that will stop using traditional methods to dry the coffee.

Job Capapinha, governor of Kwanza Sul, was also present at the ceremony, which took place at the Nova Ereira Farm. He stressed that the rehabilitation of access roads will attract more investors to rehabilitate abandoned farms and thus boost production in that region.