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Angolan naturopath: “One of the causes of high blood pressure is the consumption of processed foods”

An Angolan naturopathic doctor – speaking on the sidelines of a workshop held in Madrid (Spain) – revealed that processed foods are one of the causes of primary arterial hypertension.


According to a statement sent to VerAngola, this is Benjamim Sassova, an Angolan naturopathic doctor, who was speaking on the sidelines of the workshop that took place recently at the Teatro Real, in Madrid (Spain), with the theme "The Contribution of Natural Medicine in the Treatment of Hypertension".

Thus, according to the note, in an organization from Bircham International University, the naturopath began by clarifying that hypertension happens when "blood pressure levels" are above the reference values, "agreeing with the World Health Organization, which defends the values of 120/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), considered borderline", while "those greater than 140/90 mm Hg denote arterial hypertension".

Thus, responding to a question from the audience about the causes of the disease, Benjamim Sassova pointed to industrialized foods for primary arterial hypertension, while for secondary hypertension he said that this results from other pathologies.

"One of the causes of primary arterial hypertension is the consumption of industrialized foods; the secondary one is a consequence of other pathologies, including kidney diseases, tumors in the adrenal gland, urinary infection and chronic alcohol abuse", he said, quoted in the note.

In the field of prevention, "in addition to healthy habits such as good nutrition and physical exercise", the specialist drew attention to the fact that it is "a pathology that does not cause symptoms until it damages a vital organ" and, therefore, "routine appointments should be made in order to avoid a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), aneurysm, heart failure and heart attack", reads the statement.

It should be noted that Benjamim Sassova has a degree in naturopathy and a master's degree in Natural Health Sciences and, in addition to being a naturopathic doctor, is also a writer, having already published the books "Nossa Saúde, Medicina Natural Angolana" (2019), "30 Dias para Mudar a Sua Vida" (2020) and "O Fim da Morte pelo Garfo na Mesa da Sogra" (2021).

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