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Businessman Francisco Viana criticizes “precariousness of most Angolans”

The Angolan businessman Francisco Viana criticized the “precariousness” of education, housing, health and food that the “majority of Angolans continue to live”, in almost fifty years of independence, considering that the country “needs economic independence”.

: Casi Nzau Photoshoot-Angola
Casi Nzau Photoshoot-Angola  

According to the businessman, who was speaking this Friday at the opening of the 1st Congress of the Nation: "Thinking Angola, for a Common Consensus Project", the "majority of Angolans continues to live today in precarious conditions and it is urgent to make more and better".

For Francisco Viana, one of the organizers of the congress, today "most of the Angolan people are much more informed, not only about thefts and the looting carried out on public goods, but they have already learned that there are countries in the world where people live much better ".

"It's true, our civil society has matured and not only wants to hear the politicians' proposals, but also wants to present its own," he said.

"With this maturity we ended up building the first consensus and we all agree in the thought that it is possible and urgent to do more and better for our families, more and better for Angola", he said.

The businessman also considered that "the Angolan people are a great people, they deserve to live happily, but this happiness takes a long time to come".

"Almost fifty years after independence, most of us continue to live in precarious conditions: precarious education, precarious housing, precarious food, precarious transport, precarious health, precarious human rights and precarious information," he said.

In almost fifty years of independence, he stressed, the Angolan provinces "remain without autonomy, not even municipal elections. Some of these provinces contribute to the General State Budget (OGE) with millions of dollars, but the population lives badly".

The businessman highlighted the provinces of Cabinda, rich in oil production, and the provinces of Lunda Norte and Sul, rich in diamond resources, considering that even with oil and diamonds exploited there, the populations "live in precarious conditions".

"And they don't even have freedom of expression", he considered, recalling the incidents of January 30, 2021, in Cafunfo, Lunda Norte, noting that "no one can ignore the conflicts that still exist in the territory called Angola".

"As long as there is a municipality in our country where Angolans die in war, we cannot honestly say that there is true peace in Angola. All Angolans deserve and want peace", he exhorted.

Francisco Viana, former Angolan Prime Minister Marcolino Moco, academics and musician Eduardo Paim are the promoters of this congress, which started this Friday in Viana and runs until Saturday.

Contributing to a common project in favor of a "more inclusive, solidary and democratic" Angola for a better pre-electoral clarification on the proposals of the political forces competing for the general elections and creating an environment of peace and harmony are the objectives of the initiative.

"The purpose of this congress, taking into account the difficulties listed above, is not to complain about the past or current suffering, but to seek together solutions and proposals that can be used and implemented by those who will govern the country tomorrow", Francisco Viana stressed.

However, he added that they do not want this nation's congress "to turn into a court that will blame anyone or turn it into a weapon against this or that political force."

The president of the Angolan Business Confederation and son of a historical militant of the MPLA, a party in power since 1975, recalled the "mistakes committed, atrocities and excesses" of the past, considering that "there is no use crying over spilled milk".

"It is rather important to focus all our efforts on what unites us, because what we intend to do together is much more important than the little that divides us", he said.

The congress brings together the leaders of all political parties in the opposition, with emphasis on the presidents of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Adalberto Costa Júnior, of the Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola (CASA-CE), Manuel Fernandes , from the Democratic Bloc, Filomeno Vieira Lopes, from the same political force, and others, and the organization regretted the absence of leaders of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA).

Academics, religious leaders, civil society actors and religious leaders are also among the guests and speakers of the debates that will address the current state of the nation and the future and the models of State, the economy, the macroeconomy and the business environment in Angola. .

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