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Aniesa launches "Operation Low Prices" to combat speculation

In order to curb the increase in price speculation of the basic food basket goods, the National Authority for Food Inspection and Safety (Aniesa) launched, this Wednesday, the "Operation Low Prices".


The operation will involve 120 inspectors from Aniesa, in collaboration with staff from the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC), announced Cristiano Francisco, deputy national director of Aniesa, at a press conference.

Cited by Jornal de Angola, the official explained that the inspectors will supervise situations in which the profit margin applied to the prices of basic food basket goods is higher than 20 percent, admitting that it will not be an "easy" task.

"The National Price System has a system of monitored prices, and when there is a lack of control, it affects the purchasing power, because the kwanza is losing purchasing power, and someone has to stop this situation," said the official, thus justifying the reason for that operation.

He also considered that a crucial part of the operation involves denunciations. Cristiano Francisco asked consumers, when they identify any irregularity to report the situation.

The complaints can be made via cell phone to Aniesa's contacts (949 851 565 and 949 851 271).

According to Jornal de Angola, the numbers will be in operation 24 hours a day, thus allowing consumers to file complaints even after the shops have closed.

The "Operação Baixa de Preços" is expected to operate, in an initial phase, he assured, for 30 days.