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PR exonerates head of its House of Security and Minister of State

The President, João Lourenço, exonerated this Monday the head of his House of Security and Minister of State, Pedro Sebastião, according to a press release.

:  Pedro Sebastião
Pedro Sebastião  

The resignation comes a week after it was made public that Angolan Armed Forces officers assigned to the President's Security House were involved in a crime of embezzlement and criminal association, involving millions of dollars.

Before Pedro Sebastião, the head of the executive dismissed, last week, seven other members of this body, after hearing the National Security Council.

Pedro Sebastião will be replaced in the position by the former Chief of Staff of the Angolan Armed Forces Francisco Pereira Furtado.

Besides Pedro Sebastião, the President decided to make other changes in his security services.

General Apolinário José Pereira leaves the post of head of the Military Intelligence and Security Service, which will now be occupied by General João Pereira Massano, until now national director of Preservation of the Military and Historical Legacy of the Ministry of National Defense and Homeland Veterans.

Also leaving is Lieutenant General António Mateus Júnior de Carvalho, until now secretary for Defense and Armed Forces Affairs.

As in previous decisions, the reasons for the resignations are not explained.

On Friday, João Lourenço dismissed Daniel Mingas Casimiro as director of the Strategic Studies Office of his Security House, after having announced the dismissal of six officers from the Security House (Lieutenant-General Ernesto Guerra Pires, Lieutenant-General Angelino Domingos Vieira, José Manuel Felipe Fernandes, João Francisco Cristóvão, Paulo Maria Bravo da Costa and Brigadier José Barroso Nicolau) four days earlier.

The first exonerations happened on the same day that the PGR disclosed that a criminal case was underway "in which officers of the Angolan Armed Forces assigned to the Security House of the President of the Republic are involved, for suspected commission of the crimes of embezzlement, retention of currency, criminal association and others," having been seized millions of dollars, euros and kwanzas.

One of those involved is the chief of finance of the musical band of the Presidency of the Republic, Major Pedro Lussaty, arrested while carrying two suitcases loaded with 10 million dollars and 4 million euros, whose possession was not justified, when he allegedly tried to withdraw the money from the country.