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National product dissemination platform concluded by July

A platform for disseminating national production is one of the Government's priorities and should be completed by July. It responds to the lack of statistical data, informed a government source.


The Action Plan of the Integrated Rural Trade Development Program for 2020 was presented this Tuesday by the national director of Internal Trade and Mercantile Services, of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

"This platform is extremely important, because the lack of statistical data is one of the shortcomings we have today," said Estevão Chaves, adding that the platform was initially created for the dissemination of national production only, reaching 15 thousand subscribers at the time. .

According to the official, at this stage the ministries of Economy and Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Industry and Commerce decided that the portal should also report indicators from the three ministerial departments.

“It is the indicators of marketed production that are of interest to the Ministry of Agriculture on production, in order to have a unified database. At the platform level, we will feed statistical information from the data, indicators of trade, agriculture, and the economy, in the sense of drinking all from the same source ”, he said.

Estevão Chaves stressed that the Ministry of Industry and Commerce is not only interested in the knowledge of what is produced, but “what really entered the market”.

"This will be the model that will serve as a platform where we can collect what our statistical data are, which we really lack today from the real information of what is happening in the field", said the national director, adding that the platform will be fed with data, on a weekly and monthly basis.