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Lello & Companhia invests two billion kwanzas in e-commerce platform

Lello & Companhia invested two billion kwanzas in the creation of an e-commerce platform. Named SWEG - Web Management Systems, the platform was created in partnership with WebTech and its main objective is to facilitate the offer of a set of services and products through a platform that manages a network of partners.

: Nelson Silvestre
Nelson Silvestre  

With the creation of this platform, the company stresses its intention to relaunch itself in the domestic market, years after its activities had suffered a downturn. SWEG will allow Lello & Companhia to reinvent its business model and adapt to the current scenario, transferring its services to digital, writes the newspaper O País.

According to the company, SWEG will integrate its services, but will also help Lello & Companhia to simplify the process of doing business with potential partners, using a system of "revenue sharing" based on the foundation that "good accounts make good friends.

Rui Santos, managing partner of the company, quoted by O País, explained that SWEG was conceived based on the idea of creating an online market, where it would be possible to join products, services, customers and partners in a very simple way.

In his turn, Joaquim Melícias, project director, said that the platform allows to see all processes involved in the transactions and stressed that "one of the differentiating factors in this platform is the issue of certified invoices, which allows companies to have in their accounting documents in accordance with the good practices that any company should have.

The launch of SWEG took place this Wednesday at the Epic Sana Hotel.