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Angolan Salvador Gordo beats national record and gets closer to win a place in the Olympic Games

The Angolan swimmer Salvador Gordo beat the national record in the 100 meters butterfly this Wednesday, in Russia. With this achievement, the swimmer is closer to securing a spot in the Olympic Games, which will take place in July and August in Japan.


The feat was achieved this Wednesday at the National Swimming Championship in Russia. The Angolan athlete managed to do the race in 55 seconds and 57 hundredths, thus surpassing his own record of 56 seconds and 81 hundredths, which was set in February in a tournament in Russia.

Salvador Gordo was happy with the result, considering the race as "perfect" and admitting that the final balance was positive.

"It was the perfect race, it went very well. I did 55.57, which is an absolute record of my previous record that was 56.81 (...). The competition in general was also quite positive," he said, speaking to Rádio Nacional de Angola (RNA).

The athlete explained that he did four races, two of which were junior records and one was an absolute record.

In view of the positive results, the swimmer is confident of winning a place in the Olympic Games: "I feel much more confident in the race for the Olympic spot, but obviously it is not guaranteed, but chances are much better now".

Salvador Gordo is one of four Angolan swimmers who are trying to score points to conquer a place in the Olympic competition, which will take place between July 23rd and August 8th, in Tokyo, Japan.