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Pedro Sánchez: Angola is "committed to peace" and has "enormous" regional influence

The head of the Spanish government considered this Thursday that Angola "is committed to peace" and "has increasing respect and influence" in the resolution of regional conflicts through dialogue, "converging with the spirit" of the Spanish state.


"Angola is committed to peace and has more and more weight, respect and influence in the opening of solutions based on dialogue for the resolution of conflicts in the region, we spoke [with the Angolan President about] its role of mediation and these are spirits we share with Angola," Pedro Sánchez said in Luanda.

Speaking to journalists in the gardens of the Presidential Palace after signing four legal instruments with the Angolan government, Sánchez reaffirmed that Angola "is a priority country" in the Kingdom of Spain's policies in Africa.

"And I am also happy to know that Spain is a priority partner for the diversification of the Angolan economy. It is true that Angola has great potentialities that offer great opportunities for the re-launch of its economy," he pointed out.

The Republic of Angola and the Kingdom of Spain signed this Thursday four legal instruments of cooperation in the fields of air transport, agriculture, fisheries and industry, as part of Pedro Sánchez's official visit to Angola.

The President, João Lourenço, welcomed on the occasion the initialed agreements, foreseeing that the covered products will be transformed in Angola and sold in the international market.

"The intention is that the products that will be produced here, in agriculture, fishing and industry, will be transformed locally to add value and the products will come out with the 'made in Angola' mark," said the President.

João Lourenço added: "[And] sold in the international market at a higher price than the one we would get if we continued to sell the raw material until today, this is a great contribution that Spain gives to the great will of Angola to take this qualitative step".

For the head of state, in statements to the press, the visit of Sánchez to Angola comes to "renew the ties of friendship and cooperation that have lasted for decades" between the two countries.

"I am especially pleased to know that in the framework of the policy of internationalization of its economy, Spain has chosen our country, Angola, for the implementation of its internationalization strategy," said João Lourenço.

According to the President, the African continent has "enormous natural resources badly used", noting that the choice of Angola for the internationalization of its strategy in Africa seems to be something that "will be beneficial for both countries".

"Above all because we now have a market that goes beyond the borders of Angola, at a time when the African Continental Free Trade Area was created and began operating," he noted.

"We have here a vast market that can absorb the goods that are produced in Angola in the framework of the partnership between the businessmen of the two countries," João Lourenço also assured.

The head of the Spanish executive said, on the other hand, that his country "sees with great interest" the African Continental Free Trade Area (ALCCA) and "firmly supports" the African Union and the regional integration processes, ensuring Spain's commitment to multilateralism.

"We also agree to continue with multilateralism, which after this health emergency is increasingly clear that the most important thing is to create common tools to face these challenges," concluded Pedro Sánchez.

Sánchez, who ends this Thursday his first official visit to Angola, will also visit some socio-economic intuitions in Luanda, which count with Spanish investment.