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João Lourenço guarantees “efforts” to settle certified debt with Spain

The President expressed his desire for Spain to continue to be a key partner in the development of Angola, guaranteeing that efforts are being made to settle all debts, "properly certified", of the country with the Spanish State.


João Lourenço, who was speaking at the Presidential Palace, in Luanda, as part of the official visit that the head of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, makes to Angola, "encouraged" Spanish businessmen to invest in Angola in the various sectors.

The head of state wants the competition of Spanish businessmen in agriculture, fisheries, tourism, extractive and processing industries, textiles, pharmaceuticals and other areas of interest.

"Because they will be able to obtain important competitive advantages in placing goods produced locally in foreign markets, namely in the African market within the framework of the African Continental Free Trade Area", he assured.

João Lourenço expressed "great satisfaction" for Pedro Sánchez's visit to Angola. "Although short, we will have the opportunity to reflect, at the highest level, on our bilateral relations and project them into the future, with the prospect of revitalizing them," he said.

Angola and Spain develop, within the framework of the General Cooperation Agreement signed in 1987, "intense cooperation relations with results that, because they are expressively satisfactory", should encourage "to expand and diversify them", he noted.

For the President, the "facts have shown" that Spain and Angola "have been able to conduct dialogue with each other, on the basis of the convergence of their interests and the complementarity of the capabilities of both".

"Leaving aside prejudices and issues of a subjective nature, which could have affected the regularity with which our relations unfold", he stressed.

"It is within this pattern of relationship that we intend for Spain to continue to be a fundamental partner in the development of Angola, a country with immense opportunities and resources of various kinds, which are available to Spanish investors," he maintained.

The head of state also encouraged the private direct investment of Spanish companies in all branches of the economy, as well as their participation in the undertakings of important public investment projects.

João Lourenço also acknowledged that the debt is "a concern of Spanish entrepreneurs" who do business in Angola, "which is often an inhibiting factor for their activity", guaranteeing "tranquility" in their liquidation.

"I want to convey some tranquility in this respect, because we are making an effort to pay off all debts, duly certified, despite the temporary difficulties that the country is going through, made even worse by the global health crisis that we are all facing", assured.

The President also pointed out the ongoing economic reforms in the country and deplored the situation of insecurity and conflict in different regions of the world, defending "dialogue for the peaceful resolution of conflicts".

The head of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, was convinced that his visit to Angola will bring "great results and will be fruitful" for Luanda and Madrid, considering that the moment will also give "a new impetus in cordial relations".

"Spain and Angola can open a stage where there can be great opportunities for our societies, opportunities to strengthen our relationships and to build better in a more equitable, fair, inclusive and resilient way for our economies," said Sanchez.

The Spanish chief executive reaffirmed that Angola is a priority country for the European country, saying that Spain's "global strategy" for Africa is being designed in the light of the Focus Africa 2023 program, recently approved by the Spanish Council of Ministers.

The objective of the program is to establish a "strategic partnership with the African continent aiming at peace and stability" of the respective societies, considering that the Spanish priorities "are the same as those of Angola".

"Contributing and participating in the development process of this huge country, this country has made a great effort to stabilize its economy and be more competitive and I want to recognize the enormous potential of that country for exports, innovation and the realization of projects", he pointed out.

Sanchez praised the actions of Spanish companies in Angola in the development of the Angolan economy, guaranteeing to reinforce his country's cooperation in the fields of industry, water and sanitation, solid waste treatment, health, tourism and fishing.

Angola and Spain "will continue to bet and reinforce multilateralism", as it is "the only instrument" to face the great challenges, he said.

"I am convinced that this official visit will bring great results and will be fruitful for our countries", he stressed.

Pedro Sanchez, who expects João Lourenço to visit Spain for closer relations, also congratulated the Government and its President on the measures developed in the country to prevent and combat covid-19.

"We face the virus with many consequences for our society, so I am convinced that the way to address the pandemic must be with joint efforts by all governments and coordinated action," he concluded.

Both countries are signing four legal instruments this Thursday to strengthen cooperation in various fields.