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MPLA condemns attacks by Cabo Delgado and expresses solidarity with Mozambique

The Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) condemned the terrorist attacks in Cabo Delgado and expressed solidarity with the Mozambican people, after the fifth ordinary session of the party's Central Committee, in Luanda.


"The Central Committee condemned the acts of terrorism against the defenseless populations of Cabo Delgado, expressing its solidarity with the brotherly people of Mozambique," revealed the MPLA in a statement.

The violence unleashed more than three years ago in the province of Cabo Delgado gained a new escalation about two weeks ago, when armed groups linked to the Islamic State terrorist movement attacked the village of Palma for the first time.

The attacks caused dozens of deaths and forced the flight of thousands of residents of Palma, aggravating a humanitarian crisis that has affected about 700,000 people in the province since the beginning of the conflict, according to United Nations data.

In addition to solidarity with the Mozambican people, the MPLA Central Committee was informed of Joana Lina Cândido's "termination of mandate" from the position of party's First Provincial Secretary in Luanda.

The Central Committee member, Bento Joaquim Bento, was nominated by the MPLA for the position left open by the former governor of the province and will be a candidate for him in the election that will take place this month, during an Extraordinary Provincial Conference of the MPLA, in Luanda.

The MPLA Central Committee also considered that the agricultural sector in the country "shows a positive evolution" of the volume of production, whose contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) "maintains the growth trend of the last years".

In addition, he "encouraged" President João Lourenço to "continue the fight against corruption and impunity with determination".

Finally, he welcomed his "timely measures" to combat covid-19 that "prevented the collapse of the National Health System".