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Belas factory invests in plastics recycling

The company Chay-Chay, located in the municipality of Belas, will invest in plastics recycling. The decision aims to "reduce costs, support the local population and contribute to the recovery of solid waste in the province of Luanda.


The company, with doors open for two years, manages to produce 2000 chairs, 3000 basins and 2000 buckets per day. According to a note posted on Prodesi's Facebook page, part of the raw material used to produce these materials, as well as 22 other types of products "come from damaged plastic material," which the factory buys "from the hands of residents of that municipality."

According to Prodesi, the Secretary of State for the Economy, Mário Caetano João, visited the factory, "as part of the field work being carried out this week in Luanda province by the Ministry of Economy and Planning."

The secretary also visited private projects linked to the production of seeds, vegetables, fruits, tubers, glass transformation and metallic structures, located in Belas and Talatona.

The Lombo Agro-livestock Cooperative was also part of the round of projects visited by the official.