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Industrialists welcome bulk imports

The president of the Industrial Association of Angola (AIA) on Wednesday praised the government's measure on the import of bulk products, as of June 17, noting that the initiative "has been delayed for 20 years.

: Lusa

For José Severino, if the measure had been implemented earlier the "Angolan economy would be different," because it will promote the "development of industry, job creation and reduction of product costs.

The AIA leader, who was speaking this Wednesday at the ceremony for the presentation of the new rules on the importation of pre-packaged products, considered that the authorities' measure "is welcome", defending, however, the "reduction of costs" of internal production factors.

"It is natural that some measures must be taken to reduce costs, because the packaging industry lacks an extraordinary element, which is paper," he noted.

According to the economist, in the promotion of the packaging industry, one of the purposes of the authorities' measure, "there may be a problem of the local packaging becoming more expensive", so "it is necessary to reduce the tax burden on paper imports".

At least 15 products of the basic food basket, including sugar, rice, wheat and corn flour, beans, powder milk, cooking oil, animal feed, coarse and refined salt and others will be imported in Angola, next June, in "big bags" (large packages).

José Severino also urged the Ministry of Industry and Trade to address with the sector operators the period for the implementation of the measure, scheduled for June 17th, considering that the deadline "is short".

Savings in the cost of packaging/filling at source, potential gains for the industry already installed in the sector, foreign exchange savings, creation of direct and indirect jobs are pointed out by the authorities as gains with the import of bulk products.