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EuroAtlantic transported passengers between Holland, Equatorial Guinea, Angola and Portugal

The Portuguese airline euroAtlantic held a flight on Saturday night, chartered by Amelia, which transported passengers between Holland, Equatorial Guinea and Angola, and on their way back to Lisbon also brought people on board, the company announced.


"A EuroAtlantic airways (EAA) aircraft with Portuguese registration number Boeing B767-300ER positioned at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport [Holland] (...) will fly to 4 de Fevereiro Airport (...), in Luanda, (...) and will make a stopover at Malabo International Airport, on the island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea, opposite Sao Tome and Principe," the company said in a statement issued Friday evening.

According to the same statement, "the Portuguese plane, in Malabo, will disembark and collect passengers, then proceed to the final destination, Luanda".

"The flight chartered by Amelia, the French aeronautical group Regourd Aviation, then returns to Lisbon with passengers," he said.

The plane was scheduled to arrive in late Saturday afternoon at Humberto Delgado Airport, in the Portuguese capital, euroAtlantic advances.

On 22 April, a flight by the Portuguese airline euroAtlantic had already transported a load of sanitary equipment to Luanda, which included tests on covid-19, an aid from Brazil to Angola, the company announced in a statement at the time.

"An aircraft of Portuguese airline euroAtlantic airways (EAA) positioned in Brazil took off this Tuesday (21) from Sao Paulo International Airport to Angola, LAD, in Luanda, carrying sanitary cargo, which in the current crisis of the new coronavirus, will suppress needs in that state of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP)," the company said in a statement issued Tuesday night.

The Portuguese company had also operated, from Luanda, the previous weekend, a repatriation flight of Brazilian citizens working in Angola.