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Fortaleza Seguros launches first insurance in the country for covid-19 infected

The presence of covid-19 in the country has generated a feeling of anxiety and fear. For this reason, Fortaleza Seguros has decided to roll up its sleeves and adapt to the situation. The insurance company launched "Seguro covid-19", which aims to help people in case of hospitalization due to infection with the new coronavirus.


In a statement sent to VerAngola, the company explains that this is the first insurance in the country to cover this disease and that it represents "an innovation that anticipates and responds to the concerns of families and companies in Angola".

The company also indicates that those interested in taking out this insurance will have to do so by 4 May.

And how does it work? According to the company's note, the client will have to pay an amount of 20.550 kwanzas per person, receiving a single payment of 350 thousand kwanzas "from the 6th day of hospitalisation - without interruption - by covid-19".

"The policies do not have a grace period and are valid for 60 days from the date of subscription, which can be made through the telephone line of Fortaleza or one of the sales channels of Banco Millennium Atlântico", indicates the note, adding that this insurance is available for customers up to 59 years.