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Online radios conquer the Angolan diaspora and reach a thousand listeners per day

Close to 780,000 listeners have accessed the Angolan online radio aggregator platform Rádio Play Digital in the last two years, of which around 60 percent are from the diaspora, the project's mentor told Lusa.

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Álvaro Fernandes stated that Rádio Play Digital was created with Portuguese-speaking listeners in mind, of which 40 percent access from Angola, with a daily average of a thousand listeners, totaling 31,500 per month and around 380 thousand listeners per year.

The platform brings together 40 radio stations, of which 28 are Angolan, nine Portuguese, two Brazilian and one Cape Verdean, with 60 percent of diaspora listeners distributed essentially across Portugal, the United States, Spain, China, the Netherlands, Norway and Germany.

Álvaro Fernandes highlighted that membership is free and free, and hopes that other radio stations in these countries, with which he has maintained contacts, will join in the near future.

"As an example, Rádio Observador de Portugal today has several listeners in Angola, because of the platform", he stated, regretting that many radio stations have not yet realized the advantage of joining the platform, while others are not yet online.

According to Álvaro Fernandes, this platform "serves those in the diaspora much more, despite the fact that the big trend is to listen to podcast content", given the large number of radio stations and programs broadcast at the same time.

"The example is the debates on Saturdays, they are all at the same time. And with our platform, after finishing, listeners can listen, as many times as they want and wherever they want, to the debate they didn't hear live", he clarified.

In Angola, among the most listened to radio stations are the Angolan stations MFM, LAC, Ecclesia, Rádio Essencial, Romântica, AfriRádio, Rádio Escola and the Portuguese Observador.

"We are aggregators, so everyone is welcome," said the founder of Rádio Play Digital, noting that diversity is an incentive to freedom of the press and choice of content.

For Álvaro Fernandes, radios still continue to be Angolans' preferred means of accessing information, remembering that "Angolans are very oral and radio is part of their lives".

"Today, Luanda has more or less 35 FM radio stations and will soon grow to other cities in Angola. In this context, we want to add all these radio stations to our platform and their podcast content so that we can reach other audiences in live or on podcast", he stated.

Regarding the podcast, technically a recorded program, the founder of Rádio Play Digital said that there is still a lack of knowledge, although it is an easy process for radio stations, as they simply record the programs and then include them on the platform.

"It's free and has the advantage of reaching other audiences where the radio doesn't reach FM", said Álvaro Fernandes, who believes there is a deficit of podcasts on Portuguese-language radio stations, specifically in Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and Sao Tome and Principe.

Rádio Play Digital "is the archive of the future", considered its founder, adding that, in this space, podcast authors can insert old programs that are of great importance.

"On the other hand, natural people, business organizations, partisans and non-partisans, have the possibility of creating podcasts, using this tool to communicate with their respective audiences, independently, that is, without having to be connected to a radio station", he said.

Having been on the air for two years, this platform has also become a useful tool for students, "since they have access to a large collection of 'podcasts' produced by various authors and radio stations from the great universe of the Portuguese language", said the person responsible to Lusa.


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