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Basic basket goods prices down around 41 percent this week

The prices of the main products in the basic basket are expected to drop by 41.8 percent this week (20 to 26 March) compared to November 2021, according to forecasts by the Strategic Food Reserve (REA).


Thus, the biggest drop in price should be registered in wheat flour. A 25-kilogram package of this product will now be sold at 7950 kwanzas, against 23,033 kwanzas at the time the REA was set up, thus corresponding to a 65.5 percent drop.

In turn, the same amount of maize meal will be sold at 7000 kwanzas against the previous 13,800 kwanzas (-49.3 percent).

Forecasts also point to sugar (packaging of 50 kilograms) going to be worth 18,842 kwanzas, against the previous 24,200 kwanzas (-22.1 percent).

The REA also predicts that 25 kilograms of Thai rice will drop from 11,737 kwanzas to 7773 kwanzas (-33.3 percent), while the same amount of Myanmar rice is expected to drop from 10,000 kwanzas to 6750 kwanzas (-32.5 percent).

In turn, 12 liters of soy oil will drop from 17,450 kwanzas to 8750 kwanzas (-49.9 percent), 25 kilograms of pinto beans will drop from 24,000 kwanzas to 13,900 kwanzas (-42.1 percent) and 10 kilograms of chicken leg will suffer a reduction from 10,190 kwanzas to 7200 kwanzas (-29.3 percent).

Thus, according to the REA, these values are valid for the whole country and reflect a generalized decrease of 41.8 percent compared to November 2021.

In another note, which VerAngola had access to, the REA informs that coordinated actions between the fields of agriculture and industry and commerce "have been boosting the sustainable functioning" of the REA.

"Coordinated actions between the sectors of Agriculture and Industry and Commerce have been driving the sustainable operation of the Strategic Food Reserve, according to the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, António Francisco de Assis, at the conference on Agroindustry and the National Strategic Reserve of Food, promoted by the magazine Economia e Mercado", reads the note.

The entity, adds the statement, stressed that in the 2021-2022 agricultural year, there was "an increase in agricultural production, estimated at 5.6 percent, in relation to the previous agricultural year, and that the results achieved reflect levels of growth in production that can be considered satisfactory, although still timid".

Furthermore, in the panel on "Investment in Agribusiness in Angola", the executive director of the Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency (AIPEX), José Sala, informed that the institution "will dedicate itself to promoting business primarily with countries of the SADC region".


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