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Angola will host the Zone VI African Swimming Championship

Angola will host the Zone VI African Championship in swimming. The announcement was made by Joaquim Santos, president of the Angolan Swimming Federation, who said that after 2015, the country will host the competition again.


It should be noted that Angola was not the first choice to host the event. According to Angop, the race was initially aimed at Madagascar, which refused, and was then given to Malawi, which also ended up not being available, ending up with the organization of the event being attributed to Angola.

With regard to participants, according to the official – speaking to Angop – it is expected that more than 14 teams will be present at the championship, with the list of participants including South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia , Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Comoros and Uganda.

The competition will take place from the 3rd to the 7th of May, at the Alvalade swimming pool, in the capital, whose agenda foresees, between the 3rd and the 6th of May, the completion of the pure swimming competition, with the last day (7th of May) will host bottom tests, in open waters on the island of Luanda, writes Angop.

Regarding the pre-summoned, according to Angop, there are the names of Pedro Pinotes, Salvador Gordo, Daniel Francisco, Marco Furtado, Silvério Manuel, Carlos Fernandes, Luyane Costa, Yusseni Furtado, Djamel Pires, Enzo Anjos, Yano Elias, Luciano Afonso, Henrique Mascarenhas, Alex Fortes, Janel Tati, Rafael Bredel, José Cochofel, David Padre, Guilherme Sousa, Kenzo Monteiro and Santiago Guimarães.

Among the pre-summoned on the female side are swimmers Lia Lima, Jasmine Lourenço, Aleksandra Zhukov, Stephanie Jurado, Inês Clemente, Nayara Carvalho, Beatriz Pedro, Kenenise Vongo, Ana Nunes, Maria Freitas, N'Hara Fernandes, Rafaela Santos, Welwichia Silva, Inara Santos, Milena Lourenço, Nyriam Morais, Rhanya Santo, Chelsea Vunge, Wezza Morais, Wendy Morais, Alexia Vieira and Nelma Janota, writes to Angop.

In the open water modality, according to Angop, are Guilherme Sousa, Kenzo Monteiro, Marco Furtado, Silvério Manuel and Carlos Fernandes, while on the female side are Nyriam Morais, Rhanya Santo, Wendy Morais, Wezza Morais, Chelsea Vunge, Stephanie Jurado, Inês Clemente, Nayara Carvalho, Beatriz Pedro and Kenenise Vongo.

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