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MPLA defends civic massification to make known the historical value of the Battle of Cuito-Cuanavale

The MPLA reiterated this Thursday the desire to massify civic and patriotic education actions, for the new generations to know and respect “the historical value of the Battle of Cuíto-Cuanavale”.


A note from the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) considers that the date commemorates “an unavoidable milestone in the collective memory of Africa and the world, as well as the price of freedom and its heroes”.

“The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the MPLA recalls, with deep recognition and spirit of solidarity, the 23rd of March, enshrined as the Liberation Day of Southern Africa, as it is of great and significant importance, since the victory recorded in the famous Battle of Cuíto-Cuanavale led to profound changes in the geopolitics of the Southern Region of the African Continent, with an impact on the release of Nelson Mandela, the fall of the Apartheid regime in South Africa and the independence of Namibia”, reads the statement.

The battle of Cuíto-Cuanavale is historically considered the biggest military confrontation of the Angolan civil war, which took place between November 15, 1987 and March 23, 1988, being considered the second biggest battle of land of the 20th century, only surpassed by that of Kursk , in World War II.

The MPLA note highlights that the scope of this feat confirmed "the political maxim" uttered by the first President, Agostinho Neto, that "Angola is and will be, by its own will, a firm trench of the revolution in Africa".

The party that governs Angola appealed to all Angolans “so that, in the greatest sense of respect for all those who committed themselves and even gave their lives, they celebrate this date with a spirit of love for the country, commitment and dedication to its most noble causes, with a view to effectively materializing the well-being and happiness of citizens”.

The Political Bureau of the MPLA Central Committee reiterated its support for all diplomatic actions carried out by the Angolan Executive, which aim to reinforce and consolidate the country's role in the regional and international context, favoring dialogue and permanent concertation for the prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts, the maintenance of peace and security, especially in the southern part of the continent, in the Gulf of Guinea and in the great lakes.

Lastly, the Central Committee of the MPLA fraternally greeted all the peoples of the region, reiterating its determination to ensure compliance with the signed agreements and protocols, thus contributing to the effective political and economic integration of the African continent, with emphasis on the sub-regions to which Angola belongs.

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