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Government approves measures to regulate basic basket prices

The Government will allow greater flexibility in the process of importing products from the basic basket, holding consultation meetings with the main producers and importers of food products and creating effective conditions for the implementation of the strategic food reserve.


These measures are contained in a memorandum approved by the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers this Tuesday, March 30, during another working session, guided by the President of the Republic, João Lourenço.

Victor Fernandes said that the most important measure is the creation of the strategic food reserve, to allow the regulation of market prices, particularly of the products that make up the basic basket.

The management of this measure will be carried out by a private entity, to be chosen by public tender, which is already in the launching phase.

The holder of the Industry and Commerce portfolio ensured that the public tender was swift, so that the licensing processes are decided in a timely manner and allows operators to carry out all their operations more efficiently.

These measures, explained Victor Fernandes, were presented to assist the emergency state, on the current and potential risks in the supply of food goods.

On the one hand, the objective is to influence the price of national production that is available, for the constitution of the strategic reserve with the purchase of existing national production. On the other hand, to encourage other production that may eventually exist in a given area.

"We are also going to use the strategic food reserve, where there is national production that is not absorbed by the market, and when necessary we will make it available to the market," concluded the minister.