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Two new special diamonds over 100 carats discovered at Lulo mine

The Lulo mine in Lunda Norte province continues to bear fruit. Endiama announced Friday that two new special diamonds, weighing more than 100 carats, have been discovered at the mine.


In a statement posted on its official website, the company reveals that the two stones are over 100 carats.

"The 131 white-colored 'LLaD' type, and 133-carat stones are listed in the statistics of the 4th and 5th stones discovered in the block (MB46) in just three months," the note can be read.

Endiama also states that "the diamonds discovered above 100 carats since the beginning of operations until now, increase their status with better occurrences of stones extracted, in the range of 20th and 21st positions".

Recall that the largest diamond produced in the country originated from this mine. With 404 carats, the stone was discovered in 2016, having subsequently been sold for $16 million.

The mine is operated by the Lulo mining company, formed by Endiama, the Australian company Lucapa Diamond and Rosa e Pétalas.