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UNITA wants to hear the Minister of Finance, BNA Governor and PCA of the BPC

UNITA wants to hear the Minister of Finance, the governor of the National Bank of Angola (BNA) and the Chairman of the Board of Directors (PCA) of Banco de Poupança e Crédito (BPC) on the layoffs and closure of more than 70 branches of that bank. The hearing requests were submitted Tuesday by the UNITA parliamentary group to the office of the President of the National Assembly.


In a statement sent to Novo Jornal, the party claims that it is "urgent" to hear those responsible as "the BPC is practically bankrupt due to the fault of those who used it for personal gain and that of their party".

At issue is the dismissal of about 2000 workers of the bank and the closure of 73 branches of the BPC, "when the Executive promised to create 500,000 jobs and combat corruption as a solution to improve the performance of the economy," says UNITA.

The party accuses the Attorney General's Office of having in its possession the names, but of not exercising "the powers constitutionally enshrined to investigate and eventually prosecute offenders.

In the statement, quoted by Novo Jornal, the party says it is available to "help, advise and suggest possible ways forward".

Along with the problems in the BPC, UNITA also wants to hear those responsible for the garbage problems in the capital. For this matter, the parliamentary group requested the holding of hearings of the governor of Luanda, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Environment.

"At a time when the Executive alleges a lack of resources to improve assistance in hospitals, the same Executive has made available an additional supplementary credit of over 34 billion kwanzas for the collection and treatment of garbage in Luanda," says the party.

These hearings will serve to find out "what is needed to solve once and for all the problem of garbage, whose environmental impact endangers the health of the inhabitants of Luanda.

According to the statement, the party also wants to hear the minister of Construction, Public Works and Spatial Planning on the management of housing in central areas, considering that "many of them" are uninhabited and at risk of degradation, "while thousands of Angolans remain homeless and without dignity, with respect to the fundamental right to have a decent home.

The Ministers of the Interior and of Justice and Human Rights are also on UNITA's list, which wants to analyze the "not very transparent management of the prisons".
The list of hearings also includes the names of the ministers of Education and Higher Education. The 'Galo Negro' party wants to understand what "solutions are being developed to satisfy the demands of the teachers, whose unions are threatening new strikes because they register injustices in the remuneration according to the time of service".