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New ambassadors present credential letters and are committed to strengthening bilateral relations

These are the non-resident ambassadors of the Republic of Indonesia, Wisnu Edi Pratignyo, the Republic of Burundi, Pascal Ruhomuyumworo, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Osamah Krenshi, and the resident ambassador of the Democratic Arab Republic Saharoui, Hamdi El Jalil Aali.


With the delivery of the credentials, the four diplomats begin their missions in Angola, where they guarantee to carry out "an arduous work for the strengthening of bilateral relations at all levels and for the development of the country", says a Government statement to which the VerAngola had access.

The Indonesian ambassador, Wisnu Edi Pratignyo, said that his country intends to bring investments to Angola and his experience as an oil producer and exporter, not depending on fossil energies to leverage other areas of the economy.

The diplomat, who has already worked in Prague, former Czechoslovakia, Bangkok and Beijing, recalled that Angola and Indonesia, in 2018 and 2019, held two important events, namely the Industrial Development Forum and the Africa - Indonesia Economy Diversification Forum.

To deepen relations between Angola and the Democratic Arab Saharaoui Republic, Hamdi El Jalil Aali said that he will not spare any effort. "It is an honor to have been appointed to this mission in this great country, with whom we share old stories since the days of armed struggle for the independence of Angola," said the diplomat, who has already served in various roles in the armed forces and the Ministry of Defense of Angola. your country.

The ambassador of the Republic of Burundi, Pascal Ruhomuyumworo, accredited in Angola but residing in the Republic of Zambia, conveyed the satisfaction of the President of his country for having good relations of cooperation with Angola and having received support throughout the period of crisis that the Burundi passed. This ambassador exercised various diplomatic functions in his country and missions in the Kingdom of Norway and the Republic of Zambia.

The ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Osamah Krenshi, who did not speak to the press, has a 48-year master's degree in political science and was chairman of the Department of Diplomatic Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia in the region of Santa Mecca.