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Feed factory in Cuanza Norte with capacity to produce 20 tonnes per hour

As a result of private investment, a new industrial unit dedicated to the manufacture of animal feed arrived in the province of Cuanza Norte. With an installed production capacity of up to 20 tonnes per hour, the factory has created 30 direct jobs.

Agencia Fundac:

In the province and for the inauguration, the Minister of Economy and Planning, Sérgio dos Santos, the Minister of State for Economic Coordination, Manuel Nunes Júnior, the Governor of Cuanza Norte, Adriano Mendes de Carvalho and the Secretary of State for Agriculture were present. and Livestock, João Cunha.

Rações CN, the result of a private investment by Lucalagro, intends not only to boost animal husbandry in the northern region of the country, but also to boost local agricultural production.

To TPA, Waldermar Kassanguidi, technical director of the factory, considered that this is a "gratifying" project since the production is done in Angola and for Angola.

The new industrial unit employs several young people who will guarantee the production of four varieties of feed: for cattle, pigs, chickens and laying hens.

To support the production capacity of the factory, several hectares of corn and soy are prepared, in addition to other qualities of raw material that will be acquired in the provinces of Uíge, Malange and Bengo.

The Minister of State for Economic Coordination mentioned, at the opening of the factory, that such initiatives are the Government's main aid in reducing imports. "The movement we are experiencing today in terms of engaging people to increase national production is something that should encourage us and we must continue with more firmness so that this process does not die and continues more and more strongly," said Manuel Nunes Júnior .

The factory has two silos to store up to 2500 tons of corn and soybeans, encouraging families and local businessmen to invest in production with guaranteed purchase.