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Companies that collect water for commercial purposes will now pay a fee

The State will start charging a fee for water abstraction for commercial purposes. With this new measure, established in a presidential decree, companies that want to extract raw water in the country to use in commercial activities (such as agriculture and cattle raising, hydroelectric production, among others) or companies that already do it will have to pay for it.


The measure is unprecedented: this is the first time in over 40 years of independence that the country will collect this type of tax, reports Expansão.

Companies that are extracting water for geological-mining and mining-medical activities are exempt from payment of this fee, since they already have their own regulation established. Water extraction for subsistence irrigation, pasture, communal aquaculture or research is also free of charge.

As for the price list, it will vary according to the number of cubic meters of water that are extracted. That is, the value of the fee will result from the multiplication of the cubic meters that the company intends to capture by 0.0697 kwanzas.

But how does the bill work after all? Let's see, if a company decides to take about one million cubic meters from a river, it will have to multiply this value by 0.0697 kwanzas. Having done the math, the entity will have to pay the State a total of 69,700 kwanzas.

For the energy production sector, the value will change depending on the volume of water that is turbined in each hydroelectric plant. According to Expansão, in order to ensure that the fee is paid, the administration of the Hydrographic Basin will allow the companies to pay the amount in installments.

If the entities do not comply with the payment of the water abstraction fee, a fine ranging from 65,560 kwanzas to 4 million kwanzas will be applied.

If companies do not submit a monthly statement they will also be fined. Fines can range from 40,920 kwanzas to 2.7 million kwanzas.