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Order of Doctors devalues union accusations for not being subject

The Order of Doctors (Ormed) “devalued” this Thursday the union’s accusations about alleged “illegality” and “vandalization” of the institution’s database, attributed to the chairman, considered them “non-subject” and urged members to update the documentation.


"There are many outdated issues that have already been very well clarified by Ormed's management and that some things become a non-issue today", said Ormed's director of communication, Aldemiro Cussivila, in statements to Lusa.

Without going into the details of the accusations, the official appealed only to the members registered in the order to update their documentation and pay the respective dues.

"We once again appeal to the members, who are registered in the order, to update their documentation with the Order of Doctors and that they also fulfill their duties of paying the dues so that they can exercise their rights", he exhorted.

Ormed "continues to work on updating the data so that as soon as possible it can present and send the electoral rolls in all the provincial councils so that, later, after the analysis, other data can be advanced", concluded Cussivila.

The National Union of Angolan Doctors (Sinmea) accused this Thursday the chairman of Ormed of being "illegally" in office, for almost a year, and that she had "vandalized" the institution's database.

According to the provincial secretary of Sinmea in Luanda, Miguel Sebastião, the president Elisa Gaspar ceased her duties in March 2022, a period in which she should have called elections, and has since been "illegally" holding the position.

"The chairman's mandate ended last March and the elections for the due end of the mandate should be announced, because in that context the chairman is in office illegally", said Miguel Sebastião.

"We have to know how to honor the mandates, the union ended its mandate on the 27th of January and in March it holds its congress, so nobody is irreplaceable, she (the president) should already call the elections", he argued.

The doctor presented, at a press conference in Luanda, Sinmea's vision on the current state of health in Angola and the holding of the second union congress, scheduled for 24 and 25 March for the renewal of mandates.

The outgoing president of Sinmea, Adriano Manuel, also accused the president of having "vandalized" the institution's database with "unconfessed objectives".

"The issue related to the fact that doctors repeatedly do not want to update Ormed's database, stems from the fact that the president, when she was elected, destroyed the database with unconfessed objectives", he said.

Ormed's management issued, in September 2022, a note in which it instructed members to update the data during that month, aiming at the election of the institution's governing bodies, and regretted, in the document, the poor adherence of doctors to the process.

Adriano Manuel referred this Thursday that the reduced adherence to the process and the payment of dues to Ormed results from the "breach of trust" in the current management, which "is having problems updating the database in order to carry out the electoral process".

"[The chairman] ordered the computers they had to be vandalized, and we have evidence of that, including this matter was referred to the justice bodies that were unable to determine that the employee was mandated for that purpose", he pointed out.

Internal conflicts at Ormed have been dragging on since 2020, but Elisa Gaspar refuted these accusations of mismanagement.

The northern regional council of Ormed approved, on October 17, 2020, the dismissal of Elisa Gaspar, with new elections due to be held in 90 days, but the chairman guaranteed, at the time, that she was in office legally.

The Luanda Court upheld the precautionary measure brought by the president of Ormed against the North Regional Council of that body, in February 2021, ordering them to refrain from "acts that disturb the normal functioning" of the order.


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