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Only a third of public companies presented accounts

Only 35 of the 84 companies in the Public Business Sector (SEP) reported to IGAPE in the first nine months of 2022, numbers that register a drop compared to the same period of the previous year, said this Thursday a state source.


The data relating to the rendering of accounts by the SEP were advanced by the technician from the Department of Studies and Statistical Planning of the Institute for the Management of Assets and State Participation (IGAPE), Aguinaldo Muquissi.

According to the person in charge, the data referring to the quarters of 2022 represent "a certain concern", since the number of companies that rendered accounts on a quarterly basis differs from those that rendered accounts in 2021.

The technician pointed out that, in 2022, there was also a trend towards worsening levels of non-compliance in terms of quarterly accountability by companies".

According to IGAPE, in 2021, the SEP had 84 companies, 71 of which were active, six in residual activity and seven paralyzed.

"In relation to the third quarter of 2022, the number of companies that provided accounts was 28 and of these only two had submitted their reports and accounts within the legally established deadlines, that is, by the 15th day following the quarter and this process took place successively with the other quarters", he noted.

For the second quarter of last year, the number of companies that rendered accounts, "in compliance with the legally established deadlines, was five and in the first quarter again we had only two companies that complied with the legal deadlines", he pointed out.

Speaking during the "Methodological Meeting on Accountability in the Public Business Sector 2023", the official considered, however, that the degree of compliance with annual accountability "has been acceptable" and in the last three years has been around 90 Percent.

"When we look at the submission of reports and accounts to IGAPE, focusing mainly on management reports, we saw that the number is disparate compared to the number of companies that render accounts", he said.

"We noticed that, with some frequency, with the exception of the year 2020, in other years companies ended up submitting management reports to a lower percentage of broader accountability", said Aguinaldo Muquissi.

The IGAPE technician also spoke about the level of submission or provision of information by the supervisory boards of SEP companies, considering that there is a downward trend in the level of information provision.

"Which constitutes an important concern, taking into account the relevance of the work that fiscal councils perform in companies", he noted.

In evaluating the accountability process of the SEP, IGAPE said it also registered several constraints, namely "inconsistency of information, lack of parts in the accountability dossier and submission of unsigned documents".

Delays in the submission of documents and presentation of quarterly accounts in 'stock' are still among the constraints registered by IGAPE in the processes of the companies of the SEP.

The constraints, highlighted Aguinaldo Muquissi, make it difficult to compile aggregate data and comparative analysis of companies, and makes it impossible for the entity to issue a conclusive opinion on the financial and operational status of companies.

The delays in preparing the SEP's aggregate report and in appreciating and approving accounts stem from those constraints, he noted.


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