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The most pleasant esplanades in Luanda: 2nd Edition

Whether it's cacimbo or summer, Luanda is a city made for terraces (esplanadas in portuguese). The amenable climate, the sea breeze and the rather hidden vegetation throughout the city all conspire to create oasis of peace in a city in constant, frenetic motion. Below we recommend several places where it's possible to take a break from it all and appreciate the passage of time with the aid of a beer or a glass of wine and a petisco (or even a full meal), always in contact with this Luanda air rather than the air-conditioner.

: Luanda Nightlife
Luanda Nightlife  

This is the second of several editions for this article – there are still many terraces to share with you. Now more than ever, it is increasingly desirable (and advisable) to frequent open and airy spaces.

Forte Velho

Located in Fortaleza São Miguel, an iconic structure built more than 4 centuries ago, the terrace of Restaurante Forte Velho is really special. As if the age of its host was not enough, this terrace is in front of one of Luanda's main postcards – the Bay – and has a beautiful view of all of it, plus the Ilha.

Ceanus & Palatvs

Right now these are probably the most popular terraces on the Ilha. Located in Casa dos Desportistas, both Ceano and Palatvs are facing the sea and catch gorgeous views of the magnificent sunset of the Island. It is not surprising how crowded they are during the weekend and even during certain days of the week; they are problably going to run out of sidewalk space for tables and chairs soon.

OnBoard da Ilha

OnBoard's opening was very well-received in these parts because it offered Luandans another open and outdoor space in the city center. In fact, OnBoard is much more than a giant terrace: it is a large communal venue with several restaurants and several bars, including The View terrace on the top floor. A constant: the beautiful view of the city accross the bay.

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