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Former PM and Sonangol non-executive director Marcolino Moco says he learned of the exoneration through television

Former Prime Minister Marcolino Moco, exonerated last week as non-executive director of state oil company Sonangol, said Friday that he learned of his dismissal on television.


In a post on one of his social networks, Marcolino Moco said that his resignation, "coincidentally or not," comes after he wrote about positions attributed to the Political Bureau of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), the ruling party, and criticized the orientation of certain programs on public television, also "criticized by several other comrades of the so-called 'MPLA family'.

These critics "certainly don't have or expect such juicy positions, while this increasingly (more or less?) sophisticated climate of intimidation persists," said the former secretary-general of the MPLA, who had been in office for three years, by appointment of the President, João Lourenço, having been "somewhat insistent" on accepting it then.

"Just a week ago, I was sitting down to take my first spoonful of soup" when "I see the unbelievable on the TPA news; more or less like this: President of the Republic remodels Sonangol's CA; decrees: exonerates such and such...such and such executives and Marcolino José Carlos Moco, non-executives and Bernarda Gonçalves Martins, non-executive," he wrote on his page.

According to Marcolino Moco, in a way he had been warned, twice, indirectly, about his positions. In one of them, he was questioned in an "already somewhat sinister" way about the reasons for remaining a critic, "despite all the money and perks."

"Curious to recall that a few days earlier salaries had been attributed, specifically to the non-executive directors of Sonangol, very far from reality, by gossip inside and outside the 'networks'," he wrote.

Marcolino Moco assured that "never again" will he accept, as he did "during the last many years of President [José Eduardo] dos Santos," positions that "ultimately" serve only to keep people quiet, "when not, to sing 'to the boss.

According to Marcolino Moco, the appointments are made so that, "even in the face of such evident irregularities, which hinder the consolidation of the intended political, economic, social, and cultural stabilization of the country," people keep quiet.

"Evils come for good, so only people of ill will can claim that I did not want to collaborate with the new President [João Lourenço], when my ideas were well known," he stressed.

However, the former prime minister expressed openness "without any kind of hurt" towards the head of state, whom "he knows (not so similar to the current President of the Republic) and to all other political and social actors, within a true agenda of deepening national reconciliation, at all levels.

After some time without marking positions on the political, economic and social situation of the country, Marcolino Moco in one of his social networks criticized the "racist and xenophobic bullying" to the leader of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Adalberto Costa Júnior, among other issues.