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Geophysical data on new oil concessions paid

The National Oil, Gas and Biofuels Agency of Angola (ANPG) clarified that the free consultation of data packages related to concessions does not include geophysical data, which will have to be paid separately.


"The data packages related to the concessions that will be put out to tender starting in April contain the compilation of the existing data, duly selected, related to the concessions to be tendered", with the objective "to assist potential interested parties in the evaluation they are going to carry out and support them in decision-making ", a statement sent to Lusa reads, in which it is clarified that" the geophysical data (seismic and magnetometric) do not integrate any of these packages, being obligatory the payment of a fee for their acquisition ".

The geophysical data, which includes the seismic activity between 2007 and 2021 and the magnetometric data, are thus out of the free access that Angola wants to offer to increase the interest of investors in the tender that should be launched in April for the exploration concessions in the basins of the Lower Congo and Kwanza.

"The Lower Congo Terrestrial Basin Data Package, relating to three blocks (CON 1, 5 and 6) consists of geological information on the 24 wells of the three blocks to bid and the remaining 33 wells of the adjacent blocks, as well as 14 study reports that detail the stratigraphy, structural component and prospective; accessibility study (Atlas); georeferenced information (maps); and legal / legal information ", also reads in the statement, which clarifies another one released earlier this week.

In addition, "the Kwanza Terrestrial Basin Data Package, relating to six blocks (KON5, 6, 8, 9, 17 and 20) is also composed of geological information (reports and diagrams) from 47 wells, of which 36 belonging to the blocks to be auctioned and 11 wells belonging to the neighboring blocks; 13 reports of abandonments of the main producing fields in the basin; seismic data (vintage seismic); accessibility study (atlas); georeferenced information (maps); and legal / legal information " .

For their part, magnetometric geophysical and seismic activity data in recent years should be acquired "from their partners Delta Development Management (Lower Congo) and GEOTEC and ION / GXT (Kwanza)".

The disclosure of data packages free of charge "contributes to making the bidding process more transparent, allowing interested parties to know the available data before acquiring it for more accurate and accurate study and analysis", it is argued in the clarification.

The current licensing round is in accordance with Presidential Decree 52/19, which provides for annual bidding rounds until 2025. The regulator intends to attract "medium-sized explorers to Angola's basins that have been prolific in recent years and have provided returns for companies far above industry averages elsewhere ".

The current round concerns six onshore licenses in the Kwanza Basin and three onshore licenses in the Lower Congo Basin.